Alligator Shoes

Drawing by Tosh Bibb

    Let us retell a story told to us by a Seminole friend, Peter Billie Osceola, although the ladies call him Sweet Pete.  Pete was raised on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation and had to catch a bus every morning to school in Clewiston, 32 miles away.  One particular morning, Pete was waiting at the bus stop and decided that he needed new shoes.  He thought a pair of alligator shoes, just like those of his rich schoolmates, would be nice, so off he walked to the main canal to look for a gator.  As he walked along the canal, he saw many different size gators lying on the bank, sunning themselves.  Finally, he spied one gator that looked about the right size. Pete crouched down low, so that he could sneak up on that snoozing Gator.
     The gator's head was facing the water and its tail was pointed towards Pete.  Pete waited until he thought he would have the element of surprise on his side. Then, he lunged on top of that gator.  The gator was startled, and as expected, headed for the water, with Pete on his back. Pete grabbed the gator by his tail and pulled the gator back on the bank. The gator pulled Pete back into the water. Pete pulled the gator back on the bank and the gator pulled Pete back into the water.  This went on and on for about 30 minutes.  Finally, Pete pulled one very tired and confused gator onto the bank and rested on top of the gator's back.  The gator must have been really tired too, cause he did not try to get back into the water. Pete was sure tired, but he knew he'd better hurry before the gator got it's second wind.  With all his might, Pete lifted the gator onto his side and finally pushed the gator over onto it's back.  And wouldn't you know it, the Alligator wasn't wearing any shoes--nope, none at all...!

Original Drawing by Tosh Bibb

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