Why Some Turtles Have Smooth Shells

You know about Turtle and how her shell came to be broken and you know about the beginning, "the first times" called "The Smooth Shell Days." Some have noticed that not all Turtles have broken shells. How or why could that be? Well, the answer is a very simple story: In the beginning of time, right after Creator had called all things together and given each and every Being its appointed place, its duties and responsibilities, Turtle had not yet become arrogant. She even found time to have some children--some very nice children, they were!.

As time went on Turtle began to become arrogant and very lazy. Naturally, Turtle had been so busy in the beginning of time when One Above was giving out all the Original instructions, the first teachings, that Turtle really didn't get all of her own first instructions. Of course, some of the other Beings such as birds and animals, didn't either--but that's another story.

Anyway, Turtle got so busy with her own self-importance that she became really arrogant and the cause of much trouble. She began neglecting her own children! Some of the other creatures, Beings of water, decided to take Turtle's children and raised them with their own--they really had pity for Turtle's neglected children. Those little fortunate Turtles got to stay in the water with their new familes. Mama Turtle had had these children before she became arrogant and gotten her shell all broken up. It is these children and all of their descendants who have smooth shells to this day. All the children Turtle had after she got her shell smashed...well, they all look like their mother did; they all have busted shells. That is why some Turtles have smooth shells--smooth because they're descended from Turtle's first children in the "Smooth Shell Days" but that's another story, too!

(Be sure to read "How the Turtle Got Her Shell Broken")

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