Jan 2003


Vyetv -- infinitive "to go" (One only to go, leave)
Present (happening now)

1st – ayis

or vyis

2nd – ayetskes

or vyetskes

3rd – ayes

or vyes

Immediate Past (between the last few minutes and last night) : 1st PAST
Note the "h," an infixed breath marker. It is the sound denoting this tense in most verbs. Be sure you pronounce this letter clearly. . . with breath escaping.
1st – vhyis
2nd – vhyetskes
3rd – vhyes
Middle or Recent Past (a couple of days to a few months ago) : 2nd PAST
1st – vyiyvnks
2nd – vyetskvnks
3rd – vyvnks
Distant Past (happened 5 or 6 years ago up to last year) : 3rd PAST
1st – vyimvts
2nd – vyetskemvts
3rd – vyemvts
Remote Past (decades ago all the way back to creation) : 5th or ANCIENT PAST
1st – ayatēs
2nd – ayetskvtēs
3rd – ayvtēs
Immediate Future (definitely happens right after "now") : 1st FUTURE
1st – vyvranis
2nd – vyvranetskes
3rd – vyvranes
General Future (less immediate--intended but not certain) : 2nd FUTURE
1st – vyarēs
2nd – vyetskvrēs
3rd – vyvrēs

Question Forms (not proofed for errors)

Present (happening now)

1st – ayiyv?

or vyiyv?

2nd – ayetskv?

or vyetskv?

3rd – ayv?

or vyv?

Immediate Past: Note the infixed "h." 1st PAST
1st – vhyiyv?
2nd – vhyetskv?
3rd – vhyv?
Recent or Middle Past: 2nd PAST
1st – vyiyvnkv?
2nd – vyetskvnkv?
3rd – vyvnkv?
Distant Past: 3rd PAST
1st – vyimvtv?
2nd – vyetskemvtv?
3rd – vyemvtv?
Remote or Ancient Past : 5th PAST

1st – ayatēte?


2nd – ayetskvtēte?


3rd – ayvtēte?


Immediate Future :  1st PAST
1st – vyvranisyv?
2nd – vyvranetskv?
3rd – vyvranv?
General Future (less immediate, intended to happen but not certain) : 2nd FUTURE
1st – vyarēte?
2nd – vyetskvrēte?
3rd – vyvrēte?
These same "question" endings can be worn by "Ometv" or any Type 1 verb.
Hecv? Does s/he see? Naken yvhiket omv? What's he singing? Kerretckv?

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