General Overview of the Creek Language -- quick references

It is often helpful to have one or more general pictures, that is, generalized overviews of a new subject one is beginning to explore. That is the purpose of this section. Here, in no particular or firm order, we present several different views of a generalized Muskogee Creek Grammar. Some students, especially those with teachers or fluent speakers available to help with additional explanations, may want to actually treat these various overviews as lessons or at least lesson plans and study them accordingly.

However, we have found that there is great benefit in simply reading through this material a time or two without any additional effort to memorized or study in detail. In doing so, you allow the natural patterns of the language to begin gently forming in your own mind at its own pace of absorption. We have experimented with these pages and concepts, and found that 33 out of 40 students who did just that, soon had a complete metal image of the basic workings of the language. Afterwards, they were able to remember more material more often. Their vocabulary also increased more rapidly than we ever hoped for in such a short period of time. The several self-disciplined students studying on their own made real progress as well.

Use the following units however you deem best for your own purposes. Remember that they are in no particular order. There is a certain minimum logic woven through from one to the next. Many will fall into some sort of natural group of related materials such as verb types, nouns, or vocabulary building. Go forth, learn and enjoy.
Overview 1  Basic Sentence Structure  Word Endings
Overview 2  Verbs & Modifiers  Adjectives, Adverbs
Overview 3  Type I & Type II Verbs  Verb Endings
Overview 4  Second Level Sentences  Simple Examples
Overview 5  Pronouns and Verb Endings  How to use them...
Overview 6  Omes, Os or Tos  3rd person singular
Review 1  Hecetv "to see," -- Vital Points (1)  Great patterns to use
Review 2  Useful Sentences & Phrases (part 1)  Very useful indeed!