Spring 2016
General Information & Now We Own a Location !
You may email us at :
MUSEUM <  museum# @  #flamuseum #.# com  >
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"THE MUSEUM," Inc., to put it politely, has been evicted from previous homes. Currently, it is in storage. Some space is being donated but critical items are in rented storage costing us about $100.oo monthly. Artifacts, displays, genealogy records and the massive photo/slide collection and library are not currently available to the public. They are at risk for mold and mildew --beyond salvaging. We will continue to answer questions by email if at all possible or at least refer you to a suitable reference. CAN YOU HELP? Since no funds were available at the time, the move was carried out by dedicated honest volunteers, none of whom had either the time, materials or experience to archivally pack and label everything properly. Thus, we are faced with a massive problem--that of properly repacking and inventorying everything. Estimated time and cost is one year and $30,000 for salary and supplies. Amount on hand for this, $325.oo as of now. Please help us secure a grant, donation or gift from agencies, individuals or groups so we can successfully undertake and complete this needed task, and, pay our storage bill. Contributions will remain anonymous except as directed by the donor. They may be sent care of “The Museum,”Inc.. We are a tax exempt organization. In the meantime, watch this site for a photo-gallery of previous exhibits, festivals and other interesting activities from our past. Good luck to us all...and thank you !

Hurray –we now own our land and recently put a down payment on a building.

We estimate an additional $25,000 to complete the interior and reopen the Exhibit Hall.

Please help in any way possible. Thank you so very much!

Contributions and donations:

“The Museum,” Inc

P.O.Box 2127

Tallahassee, Florida 32316-2127

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