The Orange Incident

A True Story

A father (mine) took a boy (me) to a field behind our house. A rural dump sat just across the fence. Father produced an orange, a rare treat in those days of little money. With a penknife that I still have, he carefully unzipped the orange into a very long thin single strand of peel. Father divided the wedges and offered a seed spitting challenge. "Hit that rock, put it in this can, see if you can hit that dirt pile!" Soon, both wedge and seed were exhausted. Casually, the long thin peel was tossed. Ordinarily, one saved orange peels for mama who made great boiled orange candy with them --not this time. I wondered why?

Some months later, father, with a pretentious grumping that usually precedes a posterior attitude adjustment, coerced me into a walk behind the house --the worst was expected; it didn't happen. Instead, father picked up a small dry split object and held it out. "What is this?" Next, he found a similar object from among the pebbles. "They are seeds," I said. Next, he picked up a mushy,mouldy, mildew-laden thing and forced it into my unwilling hands. Yuk! It felt and smelled like rotting leather. After much coaxing, its true nature was discovered--the orange peel! Finally, he plucked a tiny shiny leaf from a very small plant, crushed it and held it to my nose. "An orange tree!" I said with much excitement.

Father spoke, "The Sun above dried out and split the seeds which didn't land in a proper place. Sunlight is breaking down and destroying the peel. But this leaf is from a seed that landed in a proper place with the right conditions--it is alive, has life and will grow, Creator willing. Sunlight did all this. Their innate character and the surrounding conditions made the only differences to their fates. It is the nature of a peel to disintegrate just as it is the nature of a seed to grow. The sun, perfect symbol for One Above, is like Creator. It is impartial, impersonal and without judgment. It's power, expressed as light, flows equally to all things when not impeded. One Above's Power is impartial, impersonal, without favor to particular parties. From the Source, It is equal towards all. It is not the Sun that creates impediments, shadows..."

"You see, Because One Above --like the Sun, is equal towards all things, it is we who must be personal and turn our hearts toward One Above and be intimate. We are the ones who choose, divide or separate. It is we who are capable of creating shadows for ourselves and others. What father can divide his children? Son, if you understand this, you will always understand Muskogee Ways, the ways of Powers --ways which were handed down to us from the Source in the Beginning during the Smooth Shell Days*." Creek fathers and sons have purposely shared similar experiences since ancient times.

(What fruits do you think were used in those olden days before oranges came to Vnewetv, our Original Land?  Ripened pawpaw and persimmon were originally used when this traditional teaching story was enacted between parent and child.. Unripe persimmons were used to illustrate another teaching event about patience and proper timing. Do you know that story, too?)

*See the stories about how First Turtle's back came to be broken and the Creation Story to all learn
about the Original Times --the "Smooth Shell Days" of long ago.  Vnewtv is the ancient name
 of this land before its "discovery" and scarring divisions --when it was "ours."