Creek Culture
These articles were updated 25 Sept. 2000

The articles that appear here reflect the Muskogee Creek Cultural Heritage of the Southeast today. It does not represent the current culture of our Oklahoma relatives, the Creek and Seminole Nations and their peoples. You will find a lot in common because we share common roots to our Words and Ways. You will find a lot of differences, too. The Great Muddy, the Mississippi, divided us in more ways than one. We each now live in a different geographical area with different weather, different flora and fauna and even different types of neighbors. We have each continued our own development under different circumstances specific to our homes. Our Elders have always said, "Power, in every sense, is universal.  However, The expression of Power, in any form, is geographically specific." They are right, you know. New York is not like New Mexico even though they both begin with "New." Overall, if you know about one people, you will feel comfortable with the other--after all, we are still family. Thanks to modern communications, transportation and other technologies, distances and differences grow lesser with each passing season.

Pine Arbor, an Introduction
Muskogee Tribal Towns, Early Days
From the Confederacy to the Present Day
Vnewetv, Our Ancient Home
Wisdom and the Weather
The Orange, An Introduction to Power
A Creek Concept of Power
The Sacred Fire
The Ribbon Dance
Notes on The Ribbon Dance
The Blade
An Accession Ceremony for a Mekko
Thoughts of the Elders, a Compendium
An Indian Baptist Church
Healing in Different Cultures
The Eastern Sweat Lodge
Some People Say
Frybread & Other Good Stuff..!
Soup, a curious dialogue: Food as Medicine
Medicine: Plants, Power and Procedure
Symbolism, Past and Present
Corn and the Corn Fast
Grandmother's Corn Story
The Muskogee Cosmos
Stars, Campfires of the Departed
Obits from Pine Arbor News
Did you Know?
Biographies and Conflicts
Weekly Surprise

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