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Rivercane Rendezvous

April 29 - May 4, 2003
Hayesville, North Carolina
19 years of Earthskills Workshops

For nearly two decades, people from throughout North America (and other continents) have been drawn to the Southern Appalachian mountains twice annually to reclaim our collective ancestral heritage by making camp to share knowledge of primitive and pioneer living skills. We have witnessed the universal appeal of skills that some might think obsolete in this age of dependence on complex technologies. Children of all ages, adults and elders of diverse cultural origins and social backgrounds revel in applying themselves to the arts and tasks of their distant forebears. Our temporary village exhibits the age-old values of cooperation, generosity of spirit, a desire for tolerance and harmonious relations; it comes alive with art, music, dance, stories and the heartbeat of drums around the nightly council fire; children playing within the circle of lodges; and the quiet, earnest talk of friends around campsite hearths. For many of us, these experiences transform and strengthen us when we return to our daily lives in the dominant culture.

Classes include friction fire making, hide tanning, flintknapping, bow making, blowguns, atlatl and spear, primitive pottery, basketry, edible and medicinal plants, primitive cookery, cordage and other fiber arts, primitive shelter, bone and antler tools, stalking and tracking skills, tribal games and sports, blacksmithing, buckskin clothing and moccasins and much more.

Other offerings will be announced at our opening campfire at sunset on Tuesday, April 29 and throughout the week. Registration for individual workshops takes place on a daily, ongoing basis at the event. We encourage everyone to come be a teacher as well as a student. Please bring your crafts; hand-made things to trade or sell musical instruments....

There will be a variety of classes
designed especially for children !

We honor all those who have worked so very hard and selflessly shared their knowledge with us over the years, especially the elders of the Cherokee, Muskogee and Seminole Nations. These keepers of the ancient fire are a blessing to us all.

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