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Spring Rivercane Rendezvous

Photo Album

May 2 - 7, 2000, at Unicoi State Park

Sunrise, Sunset
Marking boundaries of the day
Framing the time
Of work, learning and play


Fire Bright, Fire Light
Dancing Flames in the Night

Fire Burning, Hearts Yearning
And All With Us Is Right

Dirt to Some . . .
Most Mothers Would Scorn

To Young Men, It's Mud Galore
Their Youthful Bodies Adorn


Travel with us now through a Day and Night of wonder, filled with Blessings of Hard Work, Learning and the Peace of Oneness with Creator and Earth. Hold Sunrise in one Hand and Sunset in the other.

Let the Stars be your Eyes and the Wind your Voice. . .but let your Heart rule the brain and your tongue sleep.