Grandma's Kitchen
50 years of Southern Hearth & Home -- From the 1880s to the 1930s
This exhibit was always a public favorite. It was based on artifacts acquired from
a small community of homes in the piney woods of Florida. They were:
one Creek home, one Black home, one White home, one mixed-blood
Creek/White home and one mixed-blood Creek/Black home.
All were related to one another and lived there for several generations.

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The old Glenwood Range, 1906, was the heart of the whole community. It replaced "fireplace cooking" in Aunt Alice and Gladys' original stick and mud chimney. They acquired the stove from a wealthy white woman for whom they did laundry and other chores weekly. That woman built a larger kitchen with a hotel size range and cast this one away. The curator grew up with this fine range and many of these items in daily use. Crocks and iron pots, copper boilers and sad-irons--tools of domestic terror, filled the kitchens of all in the ancient rural South--often, still do...!

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new fangled 1920s ice-box & hand-cranked telephone

Hearty meals no more...

A long, long time ago....

Where once the exhibit stood, now only empty space.
In storage is where it all be these days...