Exhibits Remembered

A Little Gallery Tour of "WHAT WAS"

Here are a few selected images of past exhibits, packing up and the move to storage. Some load very slowly and many are quick-scans without a lot of depth or focus. However, they serve the purpose of refreshing our memory of "What Was" in a former time and place. Currently, ninety-nine percent of all our holdings are in storage--musty, moldy, mildewy storage where thousands of photographs, slides, books (many old & rare), genealogy records, clothing, artworks, canoes, musical instruments and lots of just plain "stuff," albeit, interesting "stuff" is quietly racing toward total ruin and destruction. All our organic based materials are at risk of loss in the near future. Did we also mention several hundred hours of audio, video, film and old recordings: vinyl, wire, hard plastic and other materials in LP, 45rpm, 78 rpm and Edison wax cylinder formats? Metal artifacts are rusting with vigor while genealogical records are fast fading away. We sadly mention that many museum items were "appropriated by others" during the stressful move to storage. Some items had to be left behind because we could not move them. Others were abandoned in order to avoid expensive legal fees to prove ownership of items whose donors suddenly decided the gifts had reverted to "loans."--it just wasn't worth it for items still replaceable with time, money and the energy to collect them.

Grandma's Kitchen

Who wants to be a Fireman?

Africa--Forgotten Land, Lost Lore