M The 9th letter of the alphabet (definition and spelling check incomplete) 

MA.hë: modif. tall

-MA.hë: very

MAH.hë: modif. true, real, serious

ma.hë:ce.TV v. to make tall

MAH.hen modif. about (four, by some accounts)

ma.he.TV v. to grow (Daniels-Sakim); to grow tall (Martin and Mauldin)

-ma.he.TV v. to keep doing something; to be actually doing something;

mah.mv.YË: (plural) see MAHË

MA.hu.sen modif. exactly, right in a location, right at a time

MA.hu.sën modif. just like

ma.hv.KV modif. especially

MA.hvn modif. just as

mah.yo.me.ci.ce.TV v. to intoxicate, to make tipsy, to make dizzy

MA.ke.tv v. to say

Mas.KO.kë n. Muskogee; usual spelling see MVSKOKË

ma.YOM.kë: modif. tipsy, dizzy, faint

ma.YON.kë: see MAYOMKË

MA:LE/tv v. to say to a group or no one in particular; what is called --n. saying

MA:mv n. mother

Mas.ko:ke n. pertaining to the Muskogee

Mvs.ko.KVL.ke n. the Muskogee; more generally, the Muskogee and tribal groups under their jurisdiction, Creek

ma:TA: n. that same one

ma:TAN: modif. that same way

ma:tv.PO:më: modif. same

ma:tv.po:më:ce.TV v. to do the same way

ma:tv.PO.mën: modif. the same amount, to the same degree;

ma:tv.PO:mu.sen exactly the same way; exactly the same amount

ma:ye.TV v. to do the same way

n. M--the letter, "M"

më:ce.pi.ce.TV v. to persuade to do something, to make act

me.ces.kv.co.lv.KË: see MISCESKVCOLVKË

ME.ce.tv v. to do (Sakim-Daniels)

më:ce.TV v. to do; to do something to someone; (Martin and Mauldin)

me.hen.we.TV v. to be true

me.hen.we.TV v. to be true

me.HEN.wv n. truth

Më:ke.LE.se n. Englishman

mek.ke.TV v. to rule

mëk.ko n. chief; lord; king;

MEK.ko-em.TO.pv n. the arbor on the Square Ground in which the MEKKO, the chief, sits

mëk:ko-hok.KE n. queen

mëk:ko-ho.yv.NË:cv n. dwarf willow; red-root

mëk.ko-v.POK:tv n. second chief

mëk.kv.KE n. (plural) see MËKKO

Me.kvl.ës.SVL.kë n. the English people

Mëk:KVL.ke em MËK:ko President of the House of Kings

Mëk.KVL.ke em Oh.li.ke.tv-Oh.LI.kv n. President of the House of Kings

Mëk.KVL.ke En.CU.ko n. House of Kings (analogous to the U.S. Senate)

mëk.KVL.ke en.to.PV n. chief’s arbor at a tribal town

Me.ku.SA:pv n Christian

më:ku.sa.pv-v.HA:yv n. hypocrite

Më:ku.sa.pv-V.ha:YVL.ke n. Pharisees

më.ku.sa.pe.TV v. to pray

më:ku.SVP.kv n. prayer; (church) service;

më:ku.svp.kv-CU.ko n. church

mel.le.TV v. to point

me.loh.le.TV v. to swirl, to whirl; to ripple, to go in waves;

me.loh.li.ce.TV v. to make a liquid bubble up or ripple

me.lo:MË part. jiggling, like Jello

me.rak:ke.TV v. to rustle like leaves, a flag, in the wind

MER.kv n. blessing

mer.më:ye.TV v. IMITATIVE to flop, flap like wings, flutter

mer.re.TV n. mercy, compassion

me.sët:ti.ce.TV v. to wink, to blink

mes.KË: n. summer; FLOR year [cf. OKLA ohrolopë] (Martin and Mauldin)

MES.kë n. sweat; this summer; a year in the sense of a long period of time (see OH-ROLOPË)

mes.KO.lv.pe n. FLOR water oak tree

mes.KOL.wv n. water oak

mes.më:ce.TV v. to flutter the eyelashes

mët:le-LËT:.kv n. train, steam engine

mët.ke-LËT:kv.en.ne.ne n. railroad

MI n. there; --modif. n. an element indicting contrast;

mi.ces.kv.co.lv.KË: n. ancestors

MI.mv see MI

MIS.te n. that person, usually used for a male

mis.TVL.ke n. those people

MO n. he/she/it also, too

mo.CV n. this time;

mo.cv-NE.rë: n. tonight

mo.cv-NET.tv n. today

mo.CV.së: modif. new

mo.cv.së:ce.TV v. to acquire something new

mok:KË: n. dust, pollen

mok.ki.ce.TV v. to smoke, like a cigarette

MO:man o.MAT interj. well, well then, okay

mo.MAN v.PAN.ken modif. immediately, as soon as it happens

MO.më: modif. like that, so

mo.më:ce.TV v. to do

MO.me.KV conn. because of that, so

mo:MEN conn. and, then

mo.MEN o.WOF: conn. when it happens

mo:MET conn. and, then

mo:met.TV v. to happen, to be like that; to do

MO:mis conn. even so; anyway, anyhow; however;

MO:mis KO:me n. patience

MO:mis KO.met phr. perservering, sticking to the end

MO.mu.sën: modif. just that much

MO.mv.të:kat modif. that much, that excessively


MON.kat: conn. or; niether, nor


MON.kos interj. no

MONKS interj. no (daniels-Sakim); see MONKOS (Martin and Mauldin)


MON o.MAT conn. alright then

mon.re.CE.tv v. to boil (a liquid)


MONT o.MEN: conn. so

mor.ke.TV v. to boil (of a liquid)

mor.MO.ke continuously bubbling up

mos.so.le.TV v. to close the eyes

mo.të:su.CE n. small crockery jar (used in making sour cornbread)

mo.TË:sv n. pottery sofkey jar

mo.TË:tv v. to cut off short, crop

MOT.kë: modif. cut off short, cropped, bobbed (like a horse’s tail)

mo.TV.kv n. chunky-stone

MOV see MO


MO.wë: see MOMË

mo.WEN see MOMEN

mo:WET see MOMET

mo.we.TV see MOMETV

MO:wis see MOMIS

MO.wu.sën: see MOMUSËN

MU.cv interj. now

MU.cv-NË.rë n. tonight [cf. mucv-nettv]

MU.cv-NET.tv n. today [cf. mucv-nërë]

MV mv with a "T" ending--MVT--means "that". mv with an "N" ending--MVN--means "there"; IMPORTANT: see also HEYV and VSV; (CRDS)

MV dem. that --pron. that one, that; he, she, it; (Martin and Mauldin)

mv.HA:kv n. teaching, schooling, a lesson

mv.ha.kv-CU.ko n. schoolhouse; school

mv.ha:lo-POC.ke n. primary schools

mv.ha:ye.TV v. to teach

mv.HA:yv n. a teacher

mv.he.ri.ce.TV v. to fix something, repair

mv.he.tv (plural) see MAHE

mv.LA:tv n. mulatto

mv.LI.ke.tv n. a clan, a community, a family; literally, "Those who sit together."

mv.me.TV v. to pick such as berries

mvm.ke.TV v. to get picked, such as berries

MVN see MV

mv.net.TVL.ke modif. young

mv.net.TVL.ke n. young people

MVN.të: n. Monday (from the English)

MV.pë n. hammer

mv.po.HI.ce.tv v. to listen to [cf. pohetv]

‘mv.rah.kue.ce.TV v. to make different, to change something,

‘mv.RAH.kv n. different

‘mv.rah.rv.KV (plural) see ‘MVRAHKV; also --n. different one, another

‘mv.rv.na:ke.TV n. ARCHAIC shield

‘MV.rv.nv.kv n. ARCHAIC midriff

Mvs.ko-ke see MASKOKE

Mvs.ko.kë-em-ekv.nv n. "Land of the Creeks"

Mvs.ko.kë empu.na.kv n. the Muskogee Creek Language; Literally, "Muskogee-its- words"

MVS.tv n. mustard

mvs.tv-LA:ne n. mustard greens

MVT see MV

mv.tat! interj. my/his teeth are white!

mv.të: see EMMVTVE

mv.TO: interj. thank you (Literally, As it should be)

mv.TO interj. Thank you. but note: MVTO is better translated, "It is acknowledged that things are proper, in order and Muskogee!" But only in extra-ordinary situations. When a person does something that is expected or normal, something that he or she is supposed to do, MVTO is NOT used, but only HENKA or KA. (eastern usage)

mvt.të:ce.TV v. to miss, like a ball

mv.yat.ke.TV v. to swing, like a necklace

mv.YAT:kv n. a swing, like a whip

mv.yat:ma:ke.TV v. to swing, like an arm

mv.yat:të:ce.TV v. to wave, like with a flag or the hand

mv.yv.ma.ke.TV v. IMITATIVE to dangle such as ones arms in place, like a bird’s wings