K The 7th letter of the alphabet (definition & spelling check incomplete) 

KA interj. yes!

kac:ca-HV.ce n. tiger tail, worn as a decoration by stickball players

KAC:cv n. FLOR puma, mountain lion; OKLA tiger

KAC.cu.cë: n. a splinter, a wood fragment

Kac:CVL.hv.ke n. Tiger clan

kac.CVL:.ke n. ARCHAIC panther - probably puma

KA:fe n. coffee (from the English); also, coffee-colored (CRDS)

ka:fe-es.MOR:kv n. coffee pot

ka:fe.TV v. to row, paddle

ka:fv.NA:kv n. earthworm

ka:ke.TV v. to sit (of two): to live in a place, reside (of two); to be situated (of two or something made of fiber or cloth)

KAK:ke n. raven

KAK:KAM interj. OKLA SEM Oh, my gosh!

kv:KOM.pv n. a cucumber (from the English)ka:pu.CE n. sweater, jacket

KA.lvt n. a carrot (from the English)

KA.ma n. a comma

KA.me see KAMA

KA.mv see KAMV

-KAN used in word-combinations to mean "earth," from KVNV q.v.

KA:pv n. coat (from the Spanish capote loak with sleeves")

ka:pv-RAK:ko n. overcoat

KA.po.to. kv n. a cowboy hat

ka:ro.NE.tv v. to carry a deer, etc., on the back or shoulder

KAT.cv n. a tiger

ka:se.TV v. to scrape hide, wood, etc.; to brush, to comb;

ka:te.TV v. to scrape something

kat:KA:kv n. a type of black beetle

kat:ka:kv-STAK:kv n. stag beetle

KA.tu.cë: n. a kitten

KA.tv.po.kv see KAPVTOKV

ka:ye.TV v. to set two items of cloth down; to lay such as eggs; to give birth to such as twins; to house, keep two children, etc. ALSO: (two) see LICETV;

n. mulberry

ke.ce.CER.kv n. kingbird or bee marten

ke.cët:ke.TV v. to eat something one bite at a time, to bite off one piece of something;

keCI.se n. ARCHAIC Kitsai tribe

ke.CO n. mortar, pounding--a bowl made by holowing out a section of trunk from a hardwood tree and used with a kecvpe for pounding corn.

ke.CV.pe n. pestle, used with a keco (Martin and Mauldin)

ke.CV.pë see KECVPE (CRDS)

kë:fe.TV v. to shovel something like dirt

Kë:-Hv.SE n. May

ke.le.ce.TV v. to clip such as hair off bluntly; to cut up tobacco with a knife;

ke.lë:he.ce.TV v. to notch

ke.lë:hi.ce.TV see KELËHECETV

ke.lv.se.TV see COLVSETV

kemh.kë:ce.TV iv. IMITATIVE to stomp, to make a stomping sound

kemh.kë:ke TV v. IMITATIVE to rumble, to make a rumbling noise, as at a stomp dance

ke.PA:lv n. strawberry

ke.PA:ya n. enemy or opposition town

kë:RAK:ko n. mulberry, English fig

ke.rëp:pi/ce/TV v. IMITATIVE to make a single, soft click, as a door latching

ker.ho.ye.TV v. to know (plural)

KER.kë: modif. known, not secret

kër.kue.ce.TV v. to announce

ker.ri.ce.TV v. to let know; to teach; to learn;

KER.re.tv v. to learn; to know; to discover;

KËR:rv n. psychic, fortune telling

ke.sof:ke.TV v. to blow out, to snort, like a horse

kës:to.WV n. red-root identified as a Muskogee word)

kë:te.TV v. to cut a notch around something

ke.YAK:kv n. red-tailed hawk; chickenhawk

ke.YA:lv n. sapsucker

ki.ce.TV v. to tell; to say to someone in particular; to call; to ask with a preceding question; also, to say, to speak the point (Daniel-Sakim)

KLIT n. a crate (from the English)

KO interj. well; understood; what do you know about that?

-KO negative suffix for descriptive words. it means "not" or "opposite" when attached to a descriptive word. For example, HËRË means "good;" HËREKO means, "not good, bad." [cf. toko]

ko.ce.cvmp.-ho.NË.cv n. a type of erratic star

ko.ce.CVMP.pv N. OLDER WORD star

ko.ce.cvm.pv-cu.ko-v.HA:ke n. a constellation resembling a house

ko.co.CUM.pv n. a star; (CRDS)


Koco.cvmp-RAK.ko n. the morning star (Venus)

ko.co.cvmp-SUL:kv n. the seven stars

ko.COK.në: modif. short

ko.cok.ni.ce.TV v. to shorten, as a dress; to cut such as a talk, short;

ko.con.co.KË: modif. (plural) see KOCOKNË

ko.fe.TV v. to scoop out

KOF:kë: modif. scooped out

KO.ha n. cane, originally a species of rivercane

kof.ne.TV v. to thump with the finger

ko.fo:ye.TV v. to swish, shake up a liquid; to churn;

ko.FUC.kv n. American salamander

ko.fuc.kv-lo.POC.ke n. a small species of peppermint

ko.fuc.kv-RAK.ko n. a type of mint

koh.cak.cv.hë:ce.TV (plural) see KOHCAKHËCETV

koh.CAK.hë: modif. sticking in (of one, such as a feather) in an upright position on the head

koh.cak.hë:ce.TV v. to stick one in an upright position on the head

koh.li.ce.TV v. to set one on the head

koh.LI.kv n. a crest on a bird

koh.sv.TAK:nv n. comb of a rooster

ho.HV n. cane, reed

ko.hv-HOP:ke n. loom

ko.hv-lo.WA:ke n. switch

ko.hv-MOT:ke n. blowgun

Koh.hv.SVL.ke n. Cane clan

ko.hv-to.PV n. ARCHAIC cane bed

ko.hv-TVR.ke n. woven cane mat

koh.WI.yv n. cap with a bill

KOK:kv n. swan

ko.LA:hë: n. streaked of a child’s face)

ko.las:-Cok.LOF:kv n. the Seven Little Sisters

Ko.las:-se.NË:cv n a constellation of three stars

Ko.las:-SVLkv n. the Seven Little Sisters

ko:LAS.wv n. MUSK star

ko.leh.PA: see KOLËPA

ko.LE.lëp:pën part. flickering like a firefly; glimmering like a fish

ko.lëp:ke.TV see KOLËPPETV

ko.lëp:kue.ce.TV v. to flash, as the headlights

ko.lëp:lë:ye.TV v. to twinkle or sparkle, like a rhinestone

ko.lëp:PA: n. firefly

ko.lëp:pe.TV v. to flash, like a firefly

ko.lo.lue.ce.TV v. to go around in a circle

ko.lo.lu.KË: modif. curvy

ko.lo.lu.KE.tv v. to coil up; to wind, like a road

ko.lo.me.TV v. to hollow out deep

Ko.lo.WA: n. a character much feared if it was heard hollering while a dance was being held - it could pounce like a panther

ko.LO.wv n. glue; tar

KO.lvn n. colon, the punctuation mark

ko.lv.PA:ken num. seven

ko.lo.pi.ce.TV v. to do seven times; to reach seven years of age;

ko.lo.poh.KA.ken num. seven added to a multiple of ten

ko.mak.le.TV v. to make a hole, as in the ground

ko.me.TV v. to think a quoted thought; to think a quoted thought about someone; to want something, or to do something, hope for; to want a quoted thought of someone; to try to do something;

ko.nap:HA:kv n. chinaberry tree

ko.nap:ke.SOF:kv n. Bead Spitter - a mythical character

ko.NA:wa n. bead; necklace;

Ko.ne.PVL.ke n. Skunk clan

KON.ha see KOHA

KON.hë: modif. bent

kon.hi.ce.TV v. to bend the arm, etc.

ko.NO n. skunk

ko.no-cv.lv:hu.CE see KONO-CVLV

ko.no-ca.LV n. little spotted skunk, civet cat

ko.no-lv.KA:hu:CE n. see KONO-CALV

kon.ko.hi.ce.TV (plural) see KONHICETV

ko.nv.he.TV v. to take away from

ko.pe.le.TV v. to pry out; to root up, like a hog;

KOP.hë: n. a hump, as on a camel

ko.POK.në: hump-backed, humped

KOR.kë: modif. dug out, as from a hole

ko.ro:ke.TV v. IMITATIVE to gargle

kor.re.TV v. to dig

KOR:rv n. digger, one who digs

KOS! interj. NO!

kos:KO.wv n. possibly crested flycatcher

kos.le.TV v. to win

kos.se.NV.wv n. cane split ready to weave

KOT interj. Gosh!; so!;

ko.TA.cv n. thistle

ko.TAK.së: modif. crooked, as a tree branch

ko.tak.së:ce.TV v. to bend, as a bow, etc.

ko.TE n. small frog, just older than a tadpole

ko.te-cv.KA:kv n. a type of small, noisy frog

ko.TEK.lë: modif. bowlegged

ko.te-LA:ne n. a type of small, green frog

ko.te.TV v. to snip, cut

ko.wak.ku.CE n. wildcat, bobcat

ko.wak:ku.CVL.ke n. ARCHAIC Wildcat clan

Ko.was:SA.ti Kowasati (tribe)

ko.we.TV see KOMETV

ko:WI.ke n. guinea, quail

ko:WI.ke en.tv.LA:ko n. quail’s bean

ko.wi.ke-RAK.ko v. prairie chicken; grouse

ko.wi.ke-to.KO.he n. guinea hen

ko.wi.ke-toKOH.li n. see KOWIKE-TOKOHE

ko.wi.ku.CE n. quail

ko.wil-RAK:ko see KOWIKE-RAKKO

ko.yo.KË part. working out from under something

KUEC-mak n. question mark

kue.KOK.wv n. ARCHAIC ring-necked plover

KU.fe n. his/her groin; its flank, as on a horse;

kul.KË: n. light; lamp; candle;

kul.kë:-ne.HA n. kerosene

kul.kë:-soh.HUE.ric.ka n. candlestick

kul.kë:-sv.SËK:kv n. pine torch

kul.kv.SËK:kv see KULKË-SVSËKKV

ku.lv.PA.ken num. the number seven

ku.NA.wv n. beads. also, money; [cf. catokunawv]

kun.TË: n. china briar; arrow root, flour root; FLOR coontie--a cycad

kun.të:-takLI.ke n. a bread made from china briar

KU.nu n. a skunk

ku.SA:pv n. beggar

ku.sv.pë:ce/TV v. to make beg

ku.sv.pe.TV iv. to beg, plead, implore, beseech; to be desparate for;

ku.svp.ke.TV n. poverty

KU.të n. a frog

kv.cak.hë:ce.TV v. to stick such as a feather into the head

kv.ce.ke.TV v. to snap, break two or more long objects, such as teeth

kv.ce.TV v. to snap or break one long thing such as a stick or a pencil; to break such as an arm;

kv.cë:ye.TV v. to snap, break tow or more long objects; to break one thing into several pieces

KVC.kë: modif. broken; discounted, cheap;

kvc.ke.TV v. to break, snap, one long object

kv.CO n. berry, brier (Martin and Mauldin); blackberry (east) (CRDS)

kv.co.HUE.rv n. blackberry

kv.cok.lov.kv-RAK:ko n. Jimson weed

kv.co-LA:ne n. green briar

kv.co-pv.LAK.nv n. raspberry

ka.co:-RAK.ko n. possibly carrion flower

kv.cv.cv.WV n. FLOR snapping turtle

kv.fa.yeTV v. to stir [cf. kofoyetv]

kv.FE.tv v. to drain a boil or a blister

kvf.ke.TV v. to oozelike a blister or sap from a tree; to thaw;

KVF.ko n. flea

kvf.ku.CE n. mite

‘kv:-fo.KOC.kv n. the part in one’s hair

‘kv:-ha:ku.CE n. pin

KV-Hok.kolv-PVN.kv n. Double-Header Dance

‘kv-hv.lv.te.TV v. to pull someone’s hair

kv-hv.lv.te.tv see ENKVLAKCOWV

kv.la:ke.TV v. to gnaw

kv.LAK.së: having a piece broken off, leaving a crescent shape

kv.lak.së:TV v. to break a piece off leaving a crescent shape

kv.lak.su.CE n. nickel

kv.LE.fo n. yellow catfish


kv.LE.tv v. to break off a piece of such as a cookie


Kvl.ho. LA:ce n. ARCHAIC Caddo tribe

KVL.kë: modif. broken off,; spearated from the main group;

kvl.kv. KË: modif. chipped, as of dishes (plural)

KVL.pe n. his/her brain

kv.LV n. a type of oak, possibly burr oak or white oak

kv.lv.fe.TV v. to whittle, shave, plane, carve, cut, or peel using a knife

kv.LVF.kv modif. whittled, carved, peeled

kvl.lvf.ki.ce.TV v. (plural) see KVLVFETV

kv.lvs.kv.KË: (plural)see KVLAKSË

kvmh.tv.LA:ko see KVNHTVLAKO

Kv.min.CVL.ke n. the Comanche

kv.moh.tv.LA:ko see KVNHTVLAKO

kv.MOK.së: modif. sour, like a lemon, not like milk

-KVN see -KAN

‘kvn-cu.KO n. cellar

kvn.ce.PË: modif. low

kvn-cv.NAK.se n. ridge of a hill

kvn.cv.pë:ce.TV see KVNCVPUECETV

kvn.cv.PËN: modif. low

kvn.cv.pue.ce.TV v. to lower, as a flag

kvn.cv.PV n. a place at ground level, floor level, earthbound

kvn.cv.PVN modif. low (Martin and Mauldin); under, below; use only for underground [cf. lecv, ellecv)

kv.NEK.së: modif. hving the head cocked to one side, tilted

kv.nek.së:ce.TV v. to tilt

KVN-ES.së n. grass

kvnh.tv.LA:ko n. peanut

kvn.HVL.we n. hill

kvn.hvl.we-RAK.ko n. mountain

kvn.hvl.wu.CE n. small hill, rise

kvn-HVR.pë: n. topsoil

‘kvn-KOR.ke see ËKVN-KORKE

kv.noh.tv.LA:ko see KVNHTVLAKO

kvn.RAK.ko n. SEM cactus

kvn.rv.pu.CE n. FLOR. mole

‘kvn.SAT.kv n. mark on the ground

‘kvn.SAT.kv HVM.ken n. one quarter

‘kvn-SOF.ke n. deep hole in the ground

kvn.sv.lat.cu.CE n. lizard

kvn.sv.lat:kuce-CET.to n. worm lizard

kvn.sv.lat.kv n. lizard; blue-tailed skink

kvn.sv.lat:kv-RAK.ko n. Eastern collared lizard

kvn.sv.lat.kv.SA:wv n. a type of striped lizard, possibly coal skink

‘kvn.lat-o.PEL.kë: n land where sweet potatoes, trees, etc., have been uprooted

‘kvn.lat-o.PEL.ke see ‘KVNLAT-OPELKË

knv.tvc.kv see ËKVNTVCKV

kv.PE n. lye; SEM ashes (for cooking); MUSK soap;

Kv.PEC.cv n. Carpitcher--a modern Creek family name

Kv.pec.CVL.ke n. Kapitchalki clan

kv.pe-CVF.ke n. ash lye for making sofkey

kv.pe-fv MË:cv n. perfumed soap

kv.pe-ho.MV n. type of bitter lye used for making sofkey

kv.pe-LA:ne n. lye soap

kv.PE.rv n. the right

kv.pe.tv.NE n. boss (from the Spanish capitan for "captain")

kv.poc.ka:ke.TV v. IMITATIVE to chomp, like a horse eating corn

kv.pok.ni.ce.TV v. to make a small mound

kv.po.POC:kv n. hackberry tree

kv.pot:ki.ce.TV v. IMITATIVE to crunch

kv.po.tok.oh.WI.yv n. cap with a bill

‘kv.po.TO.kv n. hat

kv.po.to.ye.TV v. to put on a hat

ko.po.TO:yv n. may apple

‘kv.po.tue.ce.TV v. to put a cap, crown, hat, etc., on someone

kv.pv.ke.TV v. to separate

kv.pv.PAS:kv n. spice wood

kv.pv.yë:ci.ce.TV v. to put aside some’s faults, etc.

kv.PVL.kv n. ARCHAIC wrist guard

kv.pv.POC:kv: seeKVPOPOCKV

kvr.kv.pë:ce.TV (plural) see KVRPËCETV

KVR.pë modif. dry

kvr.kv.PË: (plural) see KVRPË


KVR.pe.tv v. to be dry

kvr.pë.ce.TV v. to dry

‘kv.sa:ye.TV v. OLDER WORD to scribble; to shampoo;

kvs.kv.NË: modif. left-handed

kvs.kv.NV n. toward the left

kv.SO:hë: modif. not quite full

kv.so.TAK.nv n. comb

kvs.te.me.TV v. to get to be cold weather

kvs.TEM.kv n. cold weather

kv.sv.ki.ce.TV v. FLOR IMITATIVE to shake, like a rattle

‘kv-sv.LIC.kv n. roach--an ornament made of horsehair worn on the back or men’s hats

kv.SVM.lë: modif. thin, as a broth; runny, like pancake batter;

kv.svm.lë:ce.TV v. to make something thin

kv.SVP.pë: modif. cold, like the weather, something touched, etc.

kv.SVP.pu.së: modif. cool, like the weather, something touched, etc.

kv.svp.pë:ce.TV v. to cool off, make cool, to chill

kv.svp.pë:ho.tv.LË:cv n. air conditioner; fan

kv.svp.pe.TV: v. to be cold

kv.svp.pue.ce.tv see KVSVPPËCETV

kv.svp.PO:fv n. north

kv.SV.sv n. katydid

‘kv-TAK.we n. FLOR ironhead (a bird)

Kv.TA.pv n. Catawba

ko.TOH.wv n. honey locust

‘kv.to.PO.kv: see ‘KVPOTOKV

kv.to.po.yeTV see JVPOTOYETV

‘kv.tv.li.ce.TV v. ARCHAIC to crown

‘kv.tv.LV.kv n. a crown

‘kv.TVR.pv n. catalpa the English word is borrowed from the Creek.

kv.WA.kë: n. ARCHAIC a panther [cf. kvwakuce]

kv.WA.ku.cë n. a wildcat, a bobcat; also panther

‘kv.wv.LËP:kv n. od fashioned comb shaped like a horseshoe used to attach ribbons

kv.wv.pe.ce.TV see KVWVPKETV (of three or more)

kv.wv.pe .TV v. to lift something, hold up, raise;

kv.wvp.ho.ke.TV see KVWVPKETV (of two)

kv.wvp.ke.TV v. to rise, go forth, sing., as a rocket, balloon, etc.

ke.yo.ka:ye.TV v. to kick the legs wile lying on the back

ko.yok.ne.TV v. to throw the legs up

kv.ypv.ke.TV see KVWVPKETV

kv.yv.pe.TV see KVWVPETV