I The 6th letter of the alphabet (definition and spelling check incomplete)

I (1) n. the letter "I." See the "Sounds" page for pronunciation. In eastern spelling, this sound is rendered by an "AE" at the beginning of words while the "I" prevails within words. It two different pronunciations are critical to proper verb meanings in eastern MvskokĒ dialects.

I (2) interj. oops! Watch it! Watch out!

ie:fo.lo.te.TV. v. to turn something around this way; to help turn something

iem: e.se.TV v. to take out of

iem.pv.KOC:kv n. hem

ien.fë.ke.TV v. to pay back to

ien:hue.re.TV v. to stand up for (singular)

ien.hv.tvp.ke.TV v. to step down for, to to step out of it (singular)

i:en.ker.re.TV v. to serve as a witness for

i:sen.kv.wv.TV v. to help raise something, like a table

ie:sem.e.se.TV v. to take out of something with something

ie:sen.kvn.cv.PË: modif. lower than; below; less than;

ie.te.po.ye.TV v. to fight someone back

ie:te.ro.POT.te.tV v. to come through something

i.HA: interj. alas *usually spelled aeha or aelah in older sources and the east

i.MIN interj. amen (from the Hebrew via English)