H  The 5th letter of the alphabet (definition & spelling check incomplete)

HA.cë: n. drunk

ha.CEK.wv n. a fish-hawk, an osprey

HA.co modif. a war-title meaning, "zealous," "dedicated," "bursting with energy"

ha:co.FV.kv n sinew

ha:co.fv.kv-RAK:ko n. tendon

HA:cv n. drunkard

ha:cv.FV.kv see HACOFVKV

HAH:cuk.wv n. osprey, fish hawk, fishing eagle

ha:hi.ce.TV v. to make two or more things; to elect officers

HAH:kv n. bogeyman

hak.ce.ro.po.te.TV n. to turn something over

ha.KË: n. sound, noise

ha.KË:ko n. unsounded, as a musical instrument; noiseless

HA:kes see HAKS

ha.KI.ke.tv v. to cry, to weep; to meow

HAK.ku.cë: n. a little spoon

HAK.kv n. spoon

HAK:kv n. (capitalized) Big Dipper

hak.kv.HA:ke see HAKKV

ha.kv.HA:kv n. box-elder

hak.kv-RAK.ko n. a large spoon

ha.kon.ne.TV v. ARCHAIC to hop on one foot

hak.PV.të: see ENHAKPVTË

HAKS --a suffix sometimes written as a separate word at the end of sentences in older sources where it indicates a question.

hak.tës:ke.TV v. to sneeze

HA.lo n. tin originally, also a tin cup or camp cup in ceremonies, eastern (CRDS)

HA:lo n. tin cup; drinking cup; bucket; tin (from Spanish jarro)(Martin and Mauldin)

ha:lo-CVN.kv n. bucket

ha:lo-pv.LAK.nv n. dish pan

ha:lo.sv.KA.tv n. water moccasin, probably western cottonmouth;

ha:në:ce.TV v to rock, as a baby

ha:në:TV v. to rock with

ha:pa:lo:feci.ce.TV v. to mmake one turn around

ha:pa:lof:ke.TV v. to revolve, to turn around (singluar)

ha:pa:lo:fe.CE.tv v. (of three or more) see HAPALOFKETV

ha:pa:lof:ho.ke.TV v. (of two) see HAPALOFKETV

ha:pa.LOF:kv n. merry-go-round

HAY interj. how? what?

HA:yë: modif. very

ha.YEC.kv n. a fiddle, a violin, a harp, etc.

ha:yë.ce.TV v. to play an instrument

ha:YËC:kv n. music

HA.ye.tv v. to make, to do; generalized meaning for to do; to celebrate

HA.yv n. maker; builder;

HË:a see HETV

HE.cë v. seeming, reading; --modif. visible; --n. visible

HE.ce.ko modif. blind, invisible, unseen

HE.ce.tv v. to see, to observe; to look for, to search for, to seek

he.FO.lo see EFOLO

he.le.LU.yvn interj. hallelujah. Word contributed to Creek by the missionaries from the Hebrew

HE.les-HA.yv n. maker of medicine (Medicine man, Medicine woman)

HE.les-v.NI.cv n. nurse; one who helps a Maker of Medicine

He.NE.hv n. Heneha--a modern Creek family name

He.ne.hv-PVN.kv n. the dance of the people second in command

he.ne.hv-RAK:ko n. the one who presides over the henekvike

hen.KA interj. yes; often shortened to KA. HO also means yes (CRDS)

HEN.ka see ENKA (Martin and Mauldin)

he.NO n. maple

he.pet.ke.TV v. to have a fever; --n. fever

he.pet.ke.tv-et.KOL.kv n. ague

HË:rë: modif. good, nice, pretty, well, pleasant, handsome [cf. hëreko]

HË:re.ko modif. bad, not good, unpleasant, faulty, (CRDS)

HË.re.tv v. to be good, to be pretty, to be well, to be pleasant;

he.RI.ko modif. bad; (Martin and Mauldin)

he.ri.ce.TV v. to put away, to store

HER.kë: modif. friendly, feaceful

her.ke.nv.ke.TV see ERKENVKETV

her.keNV.kv see ERKENVKV

he.RO.më: modif. kind, generous, giving, benevolent

he.ROM.kv n. benevolence, kindness; grace; alms;

he.ROM.kv en.ha.ye.TV v. to show someone benevolence

HË:ru.së: modif. beautiful, excellent, wonderful

he.sa.kë: modif. alive

he.SA.ke.ko modif. lifeless

he.SA.ke.tv v. to breathe

He.sa.ket.v.ME.së: n. Father Spirit, Master of Breath, Creator. The missionaries used this word for "Jehovah," causing many unfortunate misunderstandings [cf. ofvnkv]

He.sa.ket.v.ME.së-en-KER.re.tv n. theology, literally, God-its-knowledge; --that is, knowledge about God.

HËRS:cë: interj. OKLA hello *this expression may have originally meant, "good" as a reply to Estonko?

HË:ru.së: modif. pretty

-HË:rv finest (in compounds)

he.rvp.ke.tv see HELVPKETV

he.sa:heu.ce.TV v. plural of HESAYËTV

he.SA.kë: modif. alive; breathing

he.sa.ke.TV v. to breathe; to live, to be alive;

He.sa.ke.tv.me.SË: n. God (Martin and Mauldin)

He.sa.ke.tv.ME.së: n. An ancient Creek word that may be translated, "Father Spirit, Master of Breath, Creator." The missionaries used this word [cf. see HESAKETVMESË (Martin and Mauldin) for "Jehovah," causing many unfortuante misunderstandings.

He.sa.ke.tv.ME.së:-en-GER.re.tv n. theology. Literally, "God-its-knowledge." --that is, knowledge about God."

He.sa.ke.tv.ME.së: En.hom.pe.TV n. The Lord’s Supper

he.sa.ke.TV yoksv.SE.ko n. life without end; immortality

he.sak.hë:ke.TV v. to breathe hard, to gasp for breath

he.sa:hue.ce.TV v. plural see HESAKHËTV

he.sa:yë:ce.TV v. to save one thing

he.sa:YË:cv n. saviour; one who has saved

HËS:cë: see HËRSCË

hës:PAK.wv n. robin

-hes.se see ENHESSE

hes.SË n. friend

hes.SI interj. hello

he.TU.të: modif. frozen; --n. ice; snow;

he.tu.të:-AF.ke n. ice cream

he.tu.të:-es.cef.ke.TV n. ice pick

he.tu.të:-HU.te n. refrigerator

he.tu.të:-HVT.ke n. snow

he.tu.të:-hvt.ku.CE n. frost

he.tu.të:-LVS.te n. sleet

he.tu.të:-NËR:kv n. hail

hu.tu.të:-os.KË: n. sleet see also HETUTË-LVSTE

he.tu.të:-POK.ko n. snowball

he.tu.të:-RAK.ko n. blizzard; snow;

he.tu.të:-se.te.fvl.le.TV n. snowball fight

he.tu.të:-soh.so.FOT:kv n. sled

he.tu.të:-soh.so.lot:ke.TV n. ice skates

he.tu.te.TV v. to snow, frost, hail

he.tu.ti:ce.TV v. to freeze

he.tu.tv.PE n. a type of wee having rootes like icicles

huer.e.ko see CAKVLV

HE.yv with a ‘t’ ending --HEYVT-- meaning, "this" HEYV with an ‘n’ ending --HEYVN-- means "here"-- YV (q.v.) is an abbreviated form of HEYV . IMPORTANT: see also, MV and VSV in this dictionary (CRDS), (Martin and Mauldin)

he.YV.mv pron. this way hither, up here

HE.yvn see HEYV

HE.yvt see HEYV

HI exclam. expression of surprise. Also used to answer a direct question (CRDS) hey!; oops! (Martin and Mauldin)

HI.fen n. a hyphen. note the unusual pronunciation of the Creek letter "I" in this word.

hi.ho.YË: (plural form of HIYË q.v.)

hih.ke.TV v. to groan, to moan

hi.LA: interj. oh!

hi.LV see HILA

hi.se.TV v. to take a wife; to have sexual intercourse (used by women)

HIS.kv n. sexual intercourse, mating, copulation;

HIS.kv em EC.kv n. genital lice, crabs

hi.ya.TI.kë see HVTHIYVTKË


HI.wa n. wife

hi.wv see EHIWV

hi.ya.TI.kë: n. morning. also, "in the morning, early." same as HVTHIYVTKË, HVTHVYVTKË, HIYVTKË

HI.yë: modif. warm, hot

hi.yë:cv.TV v. to heat, to make hot;

hi.YË:-pa.nv n. doodlebug

hi.YO:mat modif. now

Hi.yo-RAk.ko see HVYO-RAKKO

hi.YO:wat see HIYOMAT

hi.YO:më: a.YAT modif. from now on

hi.yo:më:ce.TV v. to do this way

hi.YO:men modif. like this

hi.yo.me.TV v. to happen

hi.YO:wën: see HIYOMEN

Hi.yu.ce see HIYUCE

hi.YU.së: modif. rather warm, a little hot

hi.YVT.kë: n. morning; in the morning, early; see HVTHIYTKË, HVTHVYVTKË, HIYATIKË

HO interj. yes; see HENKA, KA

ho.CE.fkv n. a name

ho.cac.ke.TV v. to be created

ho.CAC.kv n. creation

HOC:cë: modif. marked, having markings; written;

HO.ce.tv v. to write

hoc.ci.ce.TV v. to write (modern words)

hoc:cic.kv.sv-ho.PA.kv n. copy of written material; example

hoc:CI.cv n. writer

HOC:cv n. marking, spot (as on a leopard)

ho.ce.fe.TV v. to name one

ho.cef.hue.ce.tv plural form of HOCEFETV

ho.CEF.kë: modif. called, named; named after;

ho.CEF.kv n. name; title;

ho.cef.ho.KV n. plural form of HOCEFKV

ho.CEF.kv re.sem.oh.LI.kv n. last name

ho.CE.tv v. to pound, as with a pounding stick; to beat;

ho.CE.wv see HOCOWV

HOC.kë: modif. beaten

hoc.kv.TË: n. OKLA flour; [cf. FLOR hockvtë-hvtke)

hoc.kv.të:-HVT.ke n. OKLA white flour; FLOR flour

ho.CO.wv n. navel

ho.cv.ce.TV v. to beget, to breed;

ho.CVC.kë: modif. created, like a baby

ho.fe.HO.ye.tv v. dual form to stretch the legs (two people to stretch the legs.) The infix --HO-- in HOFEHOYETV is the marker for the dual form of a verb ("Dual" means two people, two things, etc., are being talked about.) [cf. hofeyetv]

ho.fel.le.TV v. to kick back

ho.fe:ye.TV v. to stretch a body part

ho.FO.në: modif. long ago; after a long time; in the old days; back long ago; in a little while, not long ago; in a short while, not too long

ho.FO:ne.ma n. the one long ago;

ho.fo.ne.MA:he.kon: modif. not long ago;

ho.fo.ne.TV v. to be too long, too late;

ho.FON.në: see HOFONË

ho.fo.nu.SE.kon: n. not long ago;

ho.fo:NVL.ke n. people of ancient times

hok.ce.TV v. to pass wind; flatulence;

hok.ce.WV n. musk

HOK.fv n. a man’s shell necklace; seashell;

HOK.ho n. wood thrush

hok.ke.TV see FOKKETV

hok.ko.LË: modif. two kinds

hok.KO.len n. the number "two";

hok.ko.lët modif. in pairs;

hok.ko.li.ce.TV v. to two-time, foo around with two people at the same time; to reach two years of age;

hok.ko.loh.KA.ken n. the number two added to a multiple of ten;

hok.KO:lv n. both

hok.ko:LVN modif. twice, two times;

hok.LOS.wv n. a girl not yet matured;

hok.lo.SV.kv n. plural see HOKLOSWV

ho.KO.se n. small child, baby; nickname for a baby

ho.ko.su.CE n. toddler

HOK.pe n. the human breast

hok.pe-CVN.hv see HOKPE-CVNHV

hok.pe-CVN.hv n. xiphoid

hok.pe.RU.ce n. FLOR barred owl

hok.pe-’sen.hv-LAT:kv n. forked strap on horse gear, martingal

hok.pe-së:v.rv.NA.kv n. breast plates

hok.pe-sv.LI.kv n. brooch, breastpin

hok.pe-sv.rv.NA.kv n. breastplate

hokp-v.CVN.he see HOKPE-CVNHV

Hok.tak-Pvn.kv-NET.tv n. Ribbon Dance or Green Arbor Day - the Friday before Green Corn, OKLA. The Ribbon Dance immediately preceeds the building of the "NEW FIRE" in the eastern ceremonials, usually on a Saturaday

hok.TA.lat n. the old woman

hok.TA.lu.së: modif. elderly (of a woman); --n. a very old woman;

hok.ta.re.TV v. to commit adultery, engage in prostitution

hok.TAR.kv. n. adultery, prostitution

hok.TA.rv n. prostitute

hok.TA.rv.ke n. prostitutes

hok.ta.rv.hok.TË: n. a whore

HOK.të: n. woman, female, feminine. Also used in comination with animal names to denote the female of a species. ECO means "deer". ECO-HOKTË means "doe, female deer"

hok.të:mv.NET.te n. teenage girl, young woman;

hok.TË: mv.pë:hvm.kë: n. a virgin

HOK.të: o.PVN.kv n Woman’s Dance. In Englsih, this is called the "Ribbon Dance" Central element in the Eastern Busk

HOK.tu.cë: n. a girl.

hok.TV.kë: n. women, females see HOTKË

hok.tv.ke enho.MAH.tv n. women’s leader

hok.tv.KU.ce n. girls

Hok.tv.ke-PAN.kv n. Ribbon Dance

hok.tv.LË: n. old (of a woman)

hok.tv.LV.ke em v.FË:kv n. mist

hok.TVL.kv n. old age in a woman

hok.tv.LU.ce n. FLOR teenage girl

hok.tv.LU.së: n. little old lady

hok.tv.LV.ke n. old woman, elderly

hok.TVL.wv n. old woman

hok.tv.RE.tv n. prostitution

hok.KVS.cë:! interj. I‘m ready!

Ho.LAH.tv n. Holahta--a modern Creek name

ho.LAK.wv n. soft-shelled turtle

ho.LAT.të: n. the color blue; HOLLATË is used as a respectful, affectionate term for a "chief" in Apalachee and Apalachicola Creek.

ho.lat:të:ce/TV v. to make blue

hol.ke.TV v. to smart, hurt, from a burn or a scalding

ho.lo.cë see VHOLOCË

ho.lo.LOC.cë modif. irridescent, shiny as of a feather

ho.lv.ce.tv see VHOLVCETV

ho.lo.ne.TV v. to defecate

hol.wa.ho.KË: plural see HOLWVKË

hol.WA.ke postposition bad, ugly, unpleasant, etc. (CRDS)

hol.WV.kë: modif. ugly, bad, naughty (Martin and Mauldin)

hol.wv.yë:ce.TV v. to be mean; to be bad, to be disobedient; to sin

hol.wvl.YËC:kv n. sin; wickedness;

hol.wv.CË.cv n. wicked person, one who is mean

ho.mah.te.TV v. to be ahead, to go in front, to be first, to lead

ho.MAH.tv n. leader

ho.MË: modif. hot in scent or taste; spicy, pungent; strong, bitter, as coffee;

hom.pë:-es.yvf.ke.tv n. all day eating; FLOR. third day of the Green Corn (characterized by feasting)

HOM.pe.ta n. food, edibles [cf. papetv]

HOM.pe.tv v. to eat [cf. papetv] (CRDS)

hom.pe.TV v. to eat --n. food (Martin and Mauldin)

hom.pe.tv-CVO.kv n. rations, commodities contributed by the state and tribe

hom.pe.TV en.cvm.PËC:kv n. using medicine to increase appetite;

hom.pe.TV-est.EM.kv see HOMPETV-CVOKV

hom.pe.tv-ha:kv-CU.ko n. kitchen

hom.pe.tv- HA:yv n. food maker, cook;

hom.pe.tv-HVT.ke n. ARCHAIC boiled grits; maize boiled into grits;

hom.pe.TV-RAK:ko n. feast, big meal;

hom.pe.TV ha.ye.TV v. to cook

HOM.pe.tv-HA.yv n. a cook. Also, a general word for a man’s sister. Women collective are called HOMPETV-HAYV during a ceremony. HOMPETV, n. means "food"; (q.v.) HAYV means maker -- so HOMPETV-HAYV--is literally "food-maker."

hom.pi.ce.TV v. to feed something to someone

hom.PI.cv n. feeder, one who feeds the livestock

HOM.pv n. eater, one who eats

ho.MU.ce n. pepper - usually black pepper

ho.mu.CE ‘sen.fo.LOT.kv n. pepper mill

ho.mu.ce-v.TËH:kv n. pepper shaker

HO.mv postposition before, in front of; forward

ho.mv-CA.te: n. red pepper

ho.mv-LA:ne: n. bell pepper; any green or yellow pepper

ho.mv-LVS:te n. black pepper

ho.mv.PAC.kv n. apron

ho.mv.PAC.kv-FV.kv n. apron-string

ho.NE.ce modif. wild animal or plant

ho.NE.rv n. OLDER WORD north

ho.NE.tv v. to boil food in a liquid

hon.ho.YË: plural see HONNE

HON.në: modif. heavy

HON.nv n. dress, a smock

ho.nv-HA:kv n. dress material, broadcloth

ho.nv-HA:yv n. dressmaker

ho.nv-LE.cv n. skirt; part of a dress;

ho.nv-NV.ce n. blouse; upper part of a dress;

ho.nv-v.HO.rv n. dressmaker

hon.te.TV v. to grow, to sprout, as seeds

hon.ti.ce.TV v. to make grow, make sprout

ho.nvn.wë:ce.TV: v. to make a man of

ho.nvn.we.TV v. to be a man, to act like a man; to be brave; to be a bully;

ho.nv.wu.CE v. male child

ho.NVN.wv n. male, man

ho.nvp.së:ce.TV v. to issue offspring; to breed animals

ho.nvp.se.TV v. to increase in number of a heard, etc., increase by birth

hon.we.TV v. to sniff at, track down by smell

ho.pe.le.TV v. to bury

ho.pel.ke.PË: modif. already buried

ho.PEL.kv n. grave, burial spot of an object

ho.pe.RË: n. fog, mist, vapor

ho.pe.RËT:të: modif. foggy

ho.pe.TV v. to stand together in a row side by side; to cluster several objects together;

ho.PI.yë: postposition far off, far away [cf. hopiyeta]

ho.pi.ye.TV postpostion very far away, very far off

HOP.kë modif. lined up together

ho.PO.kv n. search, hunt for a particular thing

ho.PO.kv em ah.ko.pv.ne.tv v. to play (with someone)

ho.por.re.NË: modif. lacking sense, foolish, crazy;

ho.por. ren.ke.TV v. to gain wisdom

ho.por.ren.ku.CE n. penny, cent

ho.por.REN.kv see HOPORRENKUCE; also, --n. wisdom, sense

ho.po.te.CE.tv v. to light a brush or prairie fire

ho.po.TEC.kv n. setting a prairie on fire

ho.POT.kë: n. grass fire; a burned off place;

ho.pot.kë:- RAK.ko n. prairie fire; forest fire

ho.pot.ke.TV v. to burn grass or a prairie fire

ho.PO.ye.tv v. to look for, to search for

ho.po.ye.TV v. to hunt for, to look around for

hoPO.yv n. seeker one who is looking for something

ho.pue.TA.kë: n. plural children (CRDS)

ho.pue.TA.ke n. plural see HOPUEWV (Martin and Mauldin)

ho.pue.tak-HU.të: n. womb

ho.pue.ta.ku.CE n. little children

ho.pue.wu.CE n. infant, baby; little child;

ho.pue.wu.ce-v.he.CI.cv n. nursemaid, one who cares for a baby

ho.PUE.wu.së modif. very young

ho.pv.ne.tv see VHOPVNETV

ho.pvn.kë see VHOPVNKË

ho.PVN.kv n. ARCHAIC battle

ho.PV.yë: modif. far away, distant

ho.pv.yë:-es.HËC:kv n. telescope; binoculars

ho.RE.tv v. to boil meat, chicken, etc.

hor.ka.sv n. companion

HOR.kë: modif. boiled as of meat, chicken, etc.

hor.KO.pe.tv v. to steal ; to kidnap (Martin and Mauldin)

hor.ko.pi.ce.TV v. to make steal

hor.KO:pv n. thief, robber

hor.kv.SE.tv v. to serve as a companion for protection

hor.RE n. war

hor.RE-A:rv n. a man taking part in a war expedition

HOR.re ha:ye.TV v. to make war

HOR.re ha:ye.TV v. to make war

HOR.re-ha.ye.TV HO.ce.tv v. to write

hor.RE-HA:yv n. enemy, one declaring war

HOR.re-he.LES.wv n. ARCHAIC war physic

HOR.re-ma:TV.ke n. ARCHAIC bedbugs

HOR.re-RAK:ko n. the Civil War

HOR.re-te.po.KV n. battle of a war

HOR.re-to.HOP.ke n. barricade in a war

hor.ru.CE n. small war, battle

ho.SAK.lë: modif. lecherous, horny

ho.SAK.lv n. one preoccupied with sex

ho.se.le.TV: v. to urinate

ho. sëlk.hu.TE n. bladder

ho. SEL.kv n. urine

ho.SEL.wv n. urine; bladder;

hos.ke.TV v. to scratch

HOS:pv n. wall

ho.TA.lu.se: modif. breezy

ho.ta:meTV v. to singe (hair)

ho.tok.pë see HOTTOPË

ho.to pe.TV v. to roast, barbeque, broil, bake

ho.TO.së: modif. tired (CRDS)

ho.TO.së: modif. tired, weary; skinny (

ho.TO.se.ko modif. not tired

ho.to.se.TV v. to tire, grow weary; to be skinny;

ho.to.si.ce.TV v. to tire out, make tired; to lose weight

ho.TOS.kv n. weariness, tiredness

hot.to.PË: modif. itchy; ticklish;

hot.to.pi.ce.TV v. to tickle

hot.TOP.kv n. itchiness, itching, itch

ho.tv.LË: n. wind, air, breeze

ho.tv.lë-ho.ho.tv.lë-ho.YA:nv n. hurricane; tornado;

Ho.tv.lë:-Hv.SE n. February

ho.tv.lë:LO:kv n. horned toad

ho.tv.lë-PA:pv see HOTVLËLOKV

ho.tv.lë:-RAK:ko n. hurricane; tornado; storm;

ho.tv.lë:-RAK:ko e.sos.KE n. ARCHAIC storm

ho.tv.le.TV v. to blow like the wind, be breezy, be windy

Ho.tvl.KVL.ke n. Wind clan a variant Hotvlvlke is found in Hawkins and is used among Seminoles in Florida

ho.tv.ne.TV v. to braid, to plait

ho.TVN.kë: modif. braided

ho.yah.lë:ce.TV v. to riddle something with holes

ho.YA:kv n. ARCHAIC caul [cf. eholatv]

ho.ho.ya:NAT: modif. when it past, after a certain time

ho.YV n. net

ho.yv.ne.ci.ce.TV v. to make one pass by

ho.yv.NE.cv n. willow tree; see ANHWANV; AKWANTV

ho.yv.në:cv-RAK:ko n. lemon sumac

ho.yv.në:TV v. to pass by

ho.yv.në:ce.TV three or more HOYVNËTV

ho.yvn.ho.YE.tv of two HOYVNËTV

ho.yvn.hue.ce.TV v. plural HOYVNECICETV

Hsktmse reverential spelling of HETSAKETMVSË (q.v.)

hueh.ke.TV v. to call out; to call on the telephone; --n. a call; a telephone call

hueh.ke.TV en.ha:ye.TV v. to make a call to someone;

HUE.ke.tv v. to call, shout out (CRDS)

hue.re.TV v. to stand (singular); to be situated, exist such as a table, etc, or something taller than it is wide; to the position of (such as chairman)

HUE.re.tv v. to stand Use HUERETV to talk about one person, animal, or thing. [cf. sehoketv and svpvkletv]

hue.ri.ce.TV v. to stand, or make stand, through direct or indirect means

hun.vn.TV.kë plural noun men, males

hun.VN.wv singular noun a man, a male

HU.të: n. house, home. But take care to understand this word well - it can be combined with other words to denote the dwelling place of an animal, or the proper or ususal place of some inanimate thing. For example, CULV means "fox"; CULV-HUTË means fox’s lair." TOTKV means "fire." TOTKV-HUTË means "fireplace or stove." (CRDS)

HU.te n. home of an animal, its den, lair, burrow, pen, cage (Martin and Mauldin)

HU.ten at home. objective case of HUTË (q.v.)

HUT.kë: n. ARCHAIC feathered

HV.cë: n. tail

HVC.ko n. ear

HVC.ce n. its tail, eastern (CRDS)

HVC.ce n. river (Martin and Mauldin)

HVC.ce ‘MV.pe n. ARCHAIC riverbed

hvc.ce-o.NV.pv n. river bank

hvc.ce-YOK.sv n. head waters for a river

hvc.cu.CE n. small stream

hvcc-v.FOP:ke n. edge of a river or creek bank

hv.CE-CAP:ko in. FLOR circumlocution for puma

hv.ce-ca.TA:kv n. red-tailed hawk

hv.ce-CA:tv n. a snake with a red tail, possibly Eastern coachwhip

hv.ce-fv.KO:te n. scorpion

hv.ce-mot.KE n. bobtail wildcat

hv.ce-rv.FOK.se n. a small hawk that catches chickens

hv.ce ‘sen.hv.LAT.kv n. ARCHAIC crupper

hv.ce-ses.te.RA.hv see HVCE-FVKOTE

hv.ce-te.KV n. gopher

hv.ce-YAK:pv n. kite-tailed hawk

hv.ce-te.YAK:pv see HVCE-YAKPV

hv.fe-RAK.ko n. thigh, drumstick

hv.FV.pa n. thicket, weedy place

hv.FV.pë: modif. weedy; --n. overgrown place

hvf.ke:ke.ci.ce.TV v. to make cry

HVK.co n. his/her ear

hvc.ko-CES.kv n. the edge of the ear

HVC.ko en.lo.WA:kv n. earlobe

hvco-fa.lo.WV n. earwax

hvc.ko-HVO.ke n. ear canal

hvc.ko-NOK.ke n. earache

hvc.ko-v.SEL.kv n. ARCHAIC icicle

hvck-v.TAR:tv n. earring

‘hv.cv.WV n. his/her brother-in-law, sister-in-law

HV.fe n. his/her thigh

hv.fe-RAK.ko n. thigh, drumstick

hv.FV.pa n. thicket, weedy place

hv.FV.pë: modif. weedy; --n. overgrown place

hvf.ke:ke.ci.ce.TV v. to make cry

hv.kih.ke.TV v. to cry (singular); to squeal, like a pig; to mew;

hv.ka:he.ce.TV v. (of three or more) see HVKIHKETV

hv.kih:ho.ke.TV (of two) see HVKIHKETV

hv.kvn.ce.rp.pot:ho.ke.TV (plural) see HVKVNCEROPOTKETV

hv.kvn.ce.ro.pot:ke.TV v. to do a somersault, to turn over (singular)

hv.lat.të:ce.TV v. to jerk something

hv.le.ce.TV v. (of three or more) see HVLKETV

hvl.ho.ke.TV. n. (of two) see HVLKETV

hvl.ke.TV v. to crawl, as of one baby, a snake (Martin and Mauldin)

HVL.ke.tv v. to crawl; to slither; (CRDS)

hv.LO.lo n. a small bone for the knee of a deer or cow used as a toy; FLOR curlew

hv.lolo-CA:te n. FLOR spoonbill

hv.lo.lo-LVS.te n. FLOR black curlew

hv.lo.lo-NES.ke n. devil’s shoestring

HVL.pv.tv n. alligator

HVL.pv.tv-Ha.co n. honorific term for the Alligator, the character who figures in so many stories. HVLPTV means alligator; HACO means bursting with energy.

Hvl.pv.TVL.ke n. Alligator clan

hvl.pv.tv.yo.po:FVS.ke FLOR crocodile

hv.lv.LAT:kë: modif. slow person or vehicle

hv.lvl.lat:kue.ce.TV v. to slow down something

hv.LV.të: modif. obligated, bound

hv.lv.të:ce.TV v. to make hold; to hook up as a team of horses

hv.lv.te.pi.ce.TV v. to reach, as by phone

hv.lv.te.TV v. to hold one by a part of something; to catch; to have a siezure; to grip someone, as of an illness

hv.vt.hi.ce.TV v. (plural) see HVLVTETV

HVL.wë: descript. high, high up; (Martin and Mauldin) rich as of a person; high of a price, expensive,

hvl.hv.WË: (plural) see HVLWË

hvl.wë:ce.TV v. to make higher in price or position; to get something into the air; ARCHAIC to hire *according to Robertson, this was a pun, or literal translation of English higher in use in 19th century to mean "hire"

hvl.we.ES.te n. angel

hvl.we.TV v. to go up, as a ball; to be high; to be expensive;

hvl.wi.tv.LO:fv n. heaven, city on high

hvMA: interj. --exclamatory word

hv.ME.cë: modif. all, entire

hv.me.ci.ce.TV v. to go everywhere; to take in everything; to reach one year in age;

HVM.ku.së: one only. HVMKEN means one, plus --USË, (q.v.)

HV.ma! interj. look out!

HVM.ken n. the number "one"

hvm.kon.tv.LA:ken modif. one added to a multiple of ten

hvm.ku.ce see VHVMKUCV

HVM.kvn modif. all over

hvm.ma:ke.TV v. to say this

hv.pa:lok:ke.TV see HAPALOFKETV

hvm.pok.ke.TV v. to keep the mouth closed; to frown;

hvm.MUC.kë: modif. one-eyed, having one eye

HVM.pv.kv n. hamburger, borrowed from English

hv.na:nak.wu.CE n. Nuttall’s woodpecker

hv.no.LES.ke see HVLONESKE

hv.nv.CË:lv n. meadowlark

hv.nv.co.fe.lu.CE n. dirtdevil

hv.nv.co.FE.lv n. whirlwind

hv.nv.co.fe.lv-RAK:ko n. tornado

hv.nv.we.LV n. ARCHAIC linen; a sail;

HVO interj. okay in answering a command

hvo.hv.KË: (plural) see HVOKË

HVO.kë: modif. open; --n. opening in the ground or a wall, for example

hv.pa.lof.ke.tv see HAPALOPKETV

hv.perke.TV n. ineptitude

HV.po n. a hill (CRDS)

hv.PO n. its site, location; his her, their camp, my camp; (Martin and Mauldin)

hv.PO: ha.ye.TV v. to make camp

hv.rak.po.TO:kë: modif. turned over, front side down, prone, face-down

hv.rak.po.to.ke.TV v. to lie face down (of a person)

hv.rak.PVL.kë: modif. turned over

hv.RES.së: n. the moon, also called HVSË-NËRË (q.v.)

hv.RES.së-MUcv.së: n. the new moon

hv.RËS:su.së: modif. bright (of moonlight)

HVR.pë: HVRPË is used in combination with other words to denote a skin or covering. It is also used for the peeling of a fruit. It translatable by many different English words, depending on its use; no one English word will translate it all the time. EXAMPLES: ETO-HVRPË - tree-bark; CULV-HVRPË - fox pelt; EKVN-HVRPË - topsoil.

hvr.pe.tv.KVC.we n. armadillo

hv.rvn.rv.CUK.wa n. hummingbird

hv.rvn.rv.CUK.wu.ce see HVRVNRVCUKWA

hv.RVN.wv n. falcon

hv.sak.LAT:kv n. sunset; west

hv.sak.lat:kvLE.cv n. southwest; the Southwest

HV.së: n. the sun (CRDS)

hv.SE n. the sun; month; (Martin and Mauldin)

hv.se.a:LI.ke n. ARCHAIC the new moon

hv.SE em e/mpl/le/TV n. a woman’s monthly period

hv.SE en.ne.NE n. path of the sun (used to guide plantings)

hv.se-es.kër:ku.CE n. a watch timepiece)

hv.se-es.KËR:kv n. a clock

hv.se-HË:cv n. sunflower

hv.se-oh.cak.he.TV n. heatstroke, sunstroke

HV.së:-KER.rv n. a clock, a watch, a sundial. Literally, the word means, "sun knower" and was applied to sundials. The meaning of the word was ten extended to watches and clocks.

HV.së:-NË:rë: n. the moon. Literally, "the night sun"

hv.se-o.NA:yv n. calendar

hv.se-po.LOK.se n. ARCHAIC the full moon

HV.së:-v.HA.kë: n. a sunflower; literally, "looks like the sun"

HV.së:-v.KER.kv n. an hour (CRDS)

hv.se-v.KËR:kv n. hour; o’clock

hv.se-we.LVN.wv n. a poisonous cup-shaped puffball

hvs.ka.TË:cu.ce n. tufted titmouse

hvs.NË:kv n. testicle

hv.SO n. heat of the sun

hv.SOS.sv n. sunrise; east;

hv.sos.sv-LE.cv n. southeast; the Southeast

hv.sot:TË: v. to shine (of the sun)

HVS TV interj. an exclamation used by someone who has been startled;

hv.SVF.kë: modif. swollen

hv.svf.ke.TV v. to swell

hv.sv.te.ce.TV v. to clean (one)

hv.svt.hi.ce.TV v. (plural) see HVSVTECETV

hv.SVT.kë: modif. clean

hv.svt.hvKË: modif. (plural) see HVSVTKË

HVS.wv n. his penis

hvs.wv-HVR.pe n. foreskin

hv.TA:-wvn modif. again

hvt.CA.tv postpostition downstream; [cf. hvtcvpalv]

HVT.cë n. creek, brook

hvt.cv.PA.lv postposition upstream. Can sometimes mean "on the other side of" as a stream.) [cf.hvtcatv]

hv.TE modif. just now, a short time ago, recently; yet;

hv.TËC: interj. wait! hold it!

hv.te.CES.kv "in the beginning" (Martin and Mauldin) at first (CRDS)

hv.te.ce.TV v. to whiten, to make white

hv.të:ce.TV v. to delay, to put off

hv.te.ce.tv see HVTËCETV

he.te.ho.PO.kë: modif. just picked, fresh

hv.tek.PI.kv n. pants, trousers

hv.te.m-ma:HVL.ke n. the young people

-hv.te.se see ENHVTESE

hv.TË:tu.sen modif. in just a little while

hv.te.wv n. ARCHAIC rump

hvt.HA:kv n. one of two groups of towns and clans (the "white" moiety)

hvt.hi.cece.TV (plural) see HVTECETV

hvt.hi.YTV.kë: n. morning; also "in the morning, early."

hvt.hu.YVT.kë see HVTHLYTV

hvt.HV.kë plural of HVTKË

hvt.he.YVT.ke n. morning

hvt.hv.KË: (plural) see HVTKË

hvt.hv.WË: (plural) see HVTWË

HVT.kë n. the color white

hvt.ke.KAF:kv n. milkweed

hvt.ke-tek.FVN.kv n. bald eagle

hvt.TË:ce.ko modif. not quick

hv.TU.së modif. recently, lately

hvt.TVM modif. again; next time; more;

hv.TVM.mo modif. Do it again

hv.tvp.ce.TV v. (three or more) see HVTVPKETV

hv.tv.pe.ci.ce.TV v. to make one step down

hv.tvp.ho.ke.TV (of two) see HVTVPKETV

hv.tvp.hue.ce.TV (plural) see HVTVPECICE

hv.tvp.ke.TV v. to step down, get off of

hv.tvp.ke.TV iv. To step down, get off of one

hvt-v.wo.LËN: modif. recently

HVT.wë: modif. pale

hv.wak.lë:ce.TV v. to open the mouth

hv.we.ce.TV v. to open

hv.YAK.pë: modif. uninhabited; barren;

hv.yak.PO n. prairie, open range, treeless areas

hv.yak.po-CET.to n. prairie kingsnake

hv.yak.po:-e.FV n. prairie dog, ground puppy probably a translation from the English)

Hv.yak.po-ES.te n. Potowatomi person

hv.yak.po:-HVT.ke n. a stickball field

hv.yak.po:-lu.CV n. a type of small turtle with a striped back

hv.yak.po:-FVM.pe n. wild onions from the prairie

hv.yak.po:-WOT.ko n. badger

hv.yak.yv.PË: (plural) see HVYAKPË

hv.ya:yi.ce.TV v. to turn on a lamp, to shine a light

hv.ya:yv.KË: modif. bright, light; --n. brightness, light as from a lamp or the sun

hv.YO n. harvest

hv.yo-pa.lë:cu.CE n. dwarf rose

hv.yo-pa.LË:cv n. rose

hv.yo-la.lë:cv-lo.POC.ke n. dwarf rose

hv.yo-pa:lë:.cv-RAK:ko n. wild rose species

Hv.yo-RAK:ko n. August

Hv.YU.ce n. July

hy.yv.TË:cv n. morning star

hv.YVT.ke n. the dawn of; the day after;

hv.yvt.ke.TV v. to get to be day, to get to be dawn

hv.fe-RAK.ko n. thigh, drumstick

hv.FV.pa n. thicket, weedy place

hv.FV.pë: modif. weedy; --n. overgrown place

hvf.ke:ke.ci.ce.TV v. to make cry

hv.kih.ke.TV v. to cry (singular); to squeal, like a pig; to mew;