F The fourth letter of the alphabet: see "fe" below.

(definition & spelling check incomplete)


FAK.ke n. dirt, soil, sometimes clay in the east

fak.ke-CA.te n. red dirt, red clay used to paint the face)

fak.ke-le.PAK.fe n. mud

fak.ke-NO:rv n. brick

fak.ke-pv.LAK.nv n. large pottery bowl

fak.ke-tv.LAS.wv n. clay

fak.ke-ke.tv.LAS. see FAKKE-TVLASWV

fa:lo.WV n. marrow

fa.pe.TV v. to singe

fa.YË:pv n. a type of wasp that captures women and carries them underground

fa.ye.TV v. to go and hunt

FA:yv n. hunter

n. the 4th letter "f’ pronounced "fee" beginning with two lips closed, not lip and teeth as in the English pronuciation

FEH.pv modif. jealous

fek.CAK:hë: see FEHPV

fek.cak.hë:ce.TV v. to make jealous

FEK.ce n. intenstines

fek.CVM.pv n. sweetheart (a literal translation from English in common use)

FË:kë: n. heart

FË:ke es.nok.ke.TV v. to regret

fë:ke-FV.kv n. artery

fë:ke.ke.TV v. to shake, to tremble

fë.ke.TV v. to pay something

fe.kë.ye.TV v. to share something with something

fek.he.RE.ko modif. having a troubled heart

fek.he.re.TV v. to be content

fek.he.RI.ce.ko: modif. troublesome

fek.HER:ko n. inner peace

fek.hon.ne.TV v. to stop

fek.hon.ni.ce.TV v. to stop; to make stop;

fek.HON.ru.së: modif. ARCHAIC earnest

fek.HUN.ne.tv v. to stay, to remain, to rest

fek.hv.me.ci.ce.TV v. to embolden, to make brave, to egg on;

fek.HVM.kë: modif. brave, willing

fek.nok.ho.ki.ce.TV v. see FOKNOKKICETV (plural)

fek.NOK.kë: modif. brokenhearted

fek.nok.ki.ce.TV v. to make one sorry

Fek.se.KO n. --a title, often added, after a clan name, appearing in war names, sometimes translated as "Heartless, Zealous, Very Brave"; Fixico - a modern Creek family name

fek.so.me.ci.ce.TV v. to startle

fek.SOM.kë: modif. startled

fek.tvc.ke.TV v. to pant, gasp for air, run out of breath

FË:kv.pe: modif. rested, feel rested

fë:kv.pe.TV v. to rest

fë:KAP.kv n. rest, resting place

Fë:kvp.kv-NET.tv n. Sabbath; day of rest

fek.WVN.hë: modif. out of breath

fe.ne.ce.TV v. to turn on like a lamp; to become lit like a fire, match, etc;

FEN.ke n. blaze; flame

fen.ke.TV v. to blaze; to ignite; to become lit

fe.nok.ki.ce.TV v. to shake

fe.nok.ye.TV v. to shake

FE.nv n. foot log, foot bridge, swanything to cross a stream with

fe.PË: n. a gourd

fe.PE n. a gourd

fë:pe.TV v. to unravel

fe.pe.TV v. see FëPETV

FËP:kë: modif. unraveled

FËP:kv. n. heavy string, cord

fe.sah.lë:ce.TV v. to sprinkle with water; to flick water at:

fe.sah.le.TV v. to sprinkle like a sprinkler; to splatter like with grease;

fe.SA:hu.së: modif. speckled; mottled

fe.sak.ke.TV v. to splash, as from a water pipe

fe.sak:hue.ce.TV v. to splash someone

fes.ke.TV v. to splash, flick water;

fe.SV.sah:lë: modif. IMITATIVE spewing out

fe.TOK.ke n. see FETOKKO

fe.tok.ke.LA:ne n. see FETOKKO

fe.TOK.ko n. yellowhammer

FET.tv n. outside, outdoors; prison yard

fet.tv-RAK.ko n. ARCHAIC court

fë:yi.ce.TV v. to bill, make pay;

fë:YI.cv v. tax collector

fih.në:ce.TV v. to make flow, to drain

fih.ne.HVL.we. n. waterfall

fi.ho.ke.TV v. see FIKETV (plural, two or more)

fi.hue.TV v. to flow

fi.hue.ce.TV v. to make tow or more turn

fi.hue.ce.TV see FVYECICETV (plural)

fi.ke.TV v. to turn (right or left) one time;

FO: n. bee

fo:-CA.tv n. red wasp

fo-CMV.pë: n. honey

fo.co.wv see HOCOWV

FO: em MËK:ko n. queen bee

FO: encvm.pë: see FO-CMVPË

foh.ke.TV v. to roar, to howl, to whistle like the wind

fo-HUE.rv n. ARCHAIC carpenter bee, sweat bee

fo-hu.TE n. beehive

fo-KA.kë: modif. scattered, spilled, such as flour

fo.ka:ye.TV v. to sow, scatter

fo-KA:yv n. one who sows

FOK.fo n. a type of charm worn around the neck

fok.ke.TV v. to east something dry and powdery; suck up something dry and powdery

fo:-kvs.kv.NV n. FLOR wasp

fo.LAH.pv n. clam; mussel; shell; n. unidentified internal organ of a deer

fo:LA.ne n. yellow jacket

FO:-lo.kv n. a type of worm that gets into behives and eats honey

fo.lo.te.ci.ce.TV v. to make one turn around

fo.lot.hue.ce.TV v. see FOLOTECICETY (plural - two or more)

fo-lo.te.TV v. to turn something around;

fo.lot.ho.ke.TV see FOLOTKETV (of two)

fo.lo.te.ce.TV v. see FOLOTKETV (of three or more)

fo.lot.ke.TV v. to turn around (singular)

fo.lo.WV n. his/her shoulder

fo.lo.wv.tv.PEK.sv n. the shoulder blade

FO-ne n. his/her/ its bone or bones

fo.ne-e.toh.rvf.RA.kv n. bone joints

fo-ne.HA n. beeswax;

fo.ne-ti.HO.yv n. rheumatism

fo.ne-TVL.ke modif. bony, nothing but bones

fo.NO.ke n. string, cord, twine

fo.ne.ke-YEK.ce n. hemp; flax

fo-te.NËT:kv n. bumble bee

fot.ke.TV v. to whistle;

fo.TOK.lë: modif. freckled, covered with small spots

fo.tok.le.TV n. chicken pox; measles, rash;

fo.to.tap.ke.TV v. IMITATIVE to swarm, swirl all about

fo-v.fen.CA n. a type of wasp

fo.yah.lë:ce.tv see HOYAHLËCETV

fo.ye.TV v. to saw

fu.CO n. duck

FU.co.cë: n. duckling

fu.co en.cos.TAK.ke n. see FUCO-CUSTAKE

fu.co-cus.TAK.ke n. duck egg

fu.co-hoNË:cv n. wild duck

fu.co-ho.NVN.wv n. drake, male duck

FU.co-HOK.të: n. a female duck, hen

fu.co-hu.TE n. duck pen

fu.co-lvs.tu.CE n. FLOR coot

fu.co-pv.CE n. ARCHAIC pintail duck

Fu.co-PVN.kv n. Duck Dance

fu.co-su.LE n. muscovy duck

fu.co-to.HUEH.kv n. FLOR limpkin

fu.co-to.WËK:kv n. wood duck

fu.CU.ce n. duckling

fue.ke.PË: modif. already shelled; shucked, husked

fue.ye.TV v. to shuck, husk, hull;

fu.le.TV v. to be about, go about; to wander (three or more);

ful.li.ce.TV v. to make (three or more) go about; to own three or more animals

fus.CA.te n. cardinal, redbird

fus.CAH.te see FUSCATE

FUS’ em.pok.nv.KV n. bird nest

fus-hë:ro.CV n. a type of bird, possibly towhee or redstart

fus-HË:rv n. golden eagle

fus-ho.lat:tu.CE n. bluebird

fus-ho.LA:te n. see FUS-HOLATTUCE

fus-hu.TE n. bird house

fus-HVT.kv n. white crane

fus-lan:nu.CE n. canary, warbler

fus-LVS.te n. FLOR anhinga

fus-sv.HA.yv n. mockingbird

FUS.wu.cë: n. a baby bird

FUS.wv n. bird

FUS.wv.cë see FUSWUCË

FUS.wv em oh.hom.pe.TV n. bird keeper

FUS.wv-HU.të: n. birdcage

Fus.WVL.ke n. Bird clan

FVC.cë: modif. true, right, honest

fvc.cë:ce.TV v. to judge; to settle, decide, make right; to prove

fvc.CËC:kv n. decision, judgement, ruling

fvc.cëc:kv.CU.ko n. courthouse

Fvc.cëc:KV-NET.tv n. Judgement Day

fvc.CË:cv n. judge

fvc.ce.TV v. to be true, honest; --n. truth, honesty, trust

FVC.cv. p. toward --n. truth

FV.cv ha.ye.TV v. to correct

fvc.cv.CËye n. a type of small vine

fvc.cv.lik’ ho.YA.nen modif. in the afternoon, past noon

fvc.cv.lik’ o.RE.ko modif. before noon

fvc.cv.LI.kë: n. midday or early afternoon when sun sits "Straight up." A major ceremonial division of time.

fvc.cv.li.ke-hom.pe.TV n. lunch, noon meal

fvc.CE.cë: modif. full

fvc.CË:cu.se: modif. very full

fv.ce.ce.TV v. to fill

fvc.fi.ce.TV see FVCECETV (plural)

FVC.kë: modif. full like a container

fvc.fi.KË: see FVCKË (plural)

fv.co.wv n. ARCHAIC the notch in the end of an arrow for the bowstring [cf. focowv]

fv.cv see ENFVCV

fv.kat.tv.YE.tv v. to tie together, to string a bow

FV.kv n. vine, cord, twine

FV.kv-RA.ko n. rope, heavy cord, cable

fv.LAH.lë: modif. split (of two or more); split (of one) in many pieces

fv.LAS.ko n. drinking glass; bottle; jar (from Span. frasco ‘vial’ and Eng. "flask")

fv.las.ku.CE n. glass, small bottle, vial

fu.le.ce.TV v. to empty a container, pour out;

fv.LEK.në: modif. lopsided

fv.len.fv.KË: seeFVLEKNE (plural)

fv.len.fi.ce.TV v. to make lopsided (several things or in several places)

fv.len.ne.TV v. to tip over, to fall over

fv.len.ni.ce.TV v. to tip something over, knock over

FVL.kë: modif. woven

fvl.lë:ce.TV v. to spin cloth

fvl.LËC:kv n. yarn

fv.lv.la:fi.ce.TV v. to make curls

fv.lv.la.fv.KË: n. curls

fv.lv.lv.KË: modif. twisted

Fv.LVN.ce n. Frenchman

Fv.lvn.CVL.ke n. the French

fv.lv.pe.TV v. to split in two

fv.LVP.kë: modif. split (of wood, etc.)

fv.lvp.fv.KË: see FVLVPKË (plural)

fv.me.CË: modif. smelling good or bad;

fv.MË:cu.së: modif. nice smelling

fv.me.ce.TV v. see FIKETV (plural, three or more)

fv.me.ci.ce.TV v. to scent, add fragrance

fv.ME.cv n. muskmelon, canteloupe

fv.mo.yi.ce.TV v. ARCHAIC to shake, such as leaves in the wind

FVM.pe modif. stinky, bad-smelling

fvm.tv.PË: see FVMPE (plural)

fvm.pë:ce.TV v. to make stink, to spoil

fvne.ci.ce.TV v. to stick one out;

fvn.fv.KË: see AFVNKË (plural)

FVN.kë: modif. sticking out, projecting;

fv.nv.fi.ce.TV v. to wag its tail;

fv.NV.ni.CË: modif. sticking our (plural)

fv.se.ce.TV v. to sharpen

fvs.fi.ce.TV see FVSECETV (plural)

FVS.kë: modif. sharp as of a blade; pointed

fvs.kf.KË: see FVSKË (plural)

FVT.cv-LI.kë: n. noon

fv.to:se.ci.ce.TV v. to make one kick up one’s heels, as a bucking horse

fv.tos.ke.TV v. to buck, to kick up ones heels;

fv.tos.ho.ke.TV v. see FVTOSKETV (plural)

fv.YAK.në: modif. curvy, twisted, lopsided;

fv.yat.fa.ke.TV v. to twist the hips in walking

fv.yat.ke.TV v. to turn out of the way

fv.YA.tv n. guide, director

fv.ye.ce.TV v. to turn right ( of three or more); to digress

fv.ye.ci.ce.TV v. to make a single turn; to direct; to appropriate;

fv.yv.te.TV v. to direct, to guide;

fv.YVT.kë modif. crooked, turned to one side;

fv.ytv.fv.KË: see FVYVTKË (plural)