A The 1st letter "a" pronouced "ah." (definition & spelling check incomplete)

a n. the letter 'a'

a2 a prefix sometimes written as a separate word indicating 1. action directed toward the speaker or as a reference point (to look this way) 2. location in the visible distance; to be situated in the visible distance (of one) 3. up or off ; to jump up, jump off, (of one)

a:e.SE.tv v. to take someone out, take off a wall, etc.;

a.ak.v.tvr.kë hanging in water or a low place (as of a tail)

a.ak.wi.ke.tv v. to drop or throw (one) down this way into a deep place or water

a.as.së.ce.tv v. to chase with (something); chase (driving a car)

ac.cë.es.wak.kv.tv n. pajamas or nightgown

ac.cv.kë n. clothes, clothing

ac.cv.kë.sv.tvr.tic.kv n. coat hangers

ac.cen.tv n. diamondback rattlesnake, diamondback pattern, personal name (N.FL.) Also as vcentv

a.ce.hvi. le.TV v. to strive in a supportive way

a.ce.la.ye.tv to touch one?tm)s own back, ear, top or back of head.

a.cë.ye.tv v. to come in from (of one)

a.cë.yi.ce.tv v. to make one come in

a:ci.ne.ce.TV v. to move (something) in this direction

a.co.fv.kv see HACOFVKV

a.co.ko.ke.tv v. to get on the back

a.co.ko.ye.tv v. to carry

a.co.ko.yi.ce.tv v. to put on (another?tm)s) back

a:cu.nec.ke.TV v. to move one?tm)s home in this direction

a:cvf.ke.TV v. to drip from

a.cv.mek.se.TV v. to lift the head up (while lying flat)

a:cv.WE.tv v. to take out or pick up information

æ.ha see AELA alt. sp.

a.es.fvc.fi.ce.TV v. to fill two or more in addition

a.fac.kvi.tv n. 1. ones who are happy 2. stickball players

a.fë:ke.TV v. to pay back

a.fe.tv v. 1. to make mush, make gravy 2. to thicken (liquid, such as fruit juices)

af.ke n. hominy grits

af.ke ‘sen.fo.lot.kv n. hominy mill

a:fo.lo.te.ci.ce.tv v. to make one turn around this way

a:for.lo.te.te.TV v. to turn something around this way;

a.fv.ce.ci.tv v. to make (one) happy

a.fvc.kë adj. 1. happy, glad 2. genial, friendly

a.fvc.ke.tv v. 1. to be happy, be glad 2. to play stickball --n. 1. pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, worldly pleasures 2. celebration 3. stickball game

a.fvc.ke.tv.rak.ko n. big celebration, festival

a.fvc.kv.kue.ce.tv (two or more) see AFVCECITV

a.fv.le.ce.TV v. to empty from, pour out of

a.fv.LEK.në: modif. leaning this way

a.fv.ne.ci.ce.TV v. to stick one out this way

a.fvn.fi.ce.TV see FVNCICETV (plural)

a.FVN.kë: modif. sticking out this way

a.fv.tos.ke.TV v. to kick back in this direction

a:he.CE.tv v. to look back at, look behind; to go a short distance and see someone somewhere

a.hec.kue.ce.TV v. to reveal; to show in the visible distance;

a.hoc:ci.ce.TV v. to write something in this direction

a.ho.fel.le.TV v. to kick back in this direction

a.hom.pe.TV v to partake, eat, as someone extra, or an uninvited guest

a.hom.te.TV v. to sprout up; to come up this way;

a.hos.ke.TV v. to scratch one's on back, etc.

ah.ko.pv.ne.tv, v. to play

ah.ko.pvn.kv n. to play (on the stage)

ah.ko.pvn.kv.ca.ko n. gymnasium, basketball gym

ah.ko.pvn.kv.ë.kv.nv 1. park 2. playground

a:ho.yv.neTV v. to come by (singular)

a.hueh.ke.TV v. to call this way

a:hue.re.TV v. to stand up (singular); to stand in the visible distance (singular);

a:hue.ri.ce.TV v. to stand one long object up

a.hv.lv.te.TV v. to pull in this direction, to pull up, to pull out of

a.hv.tv.pe.ci.ce.TV v. to make one step down from an official position

a:hv.tvp.ke.TV v. to step down from, to get out of a car, for example; to step down from an official position, to get off of one

a:hv.we.ce.TV v. to open from the inside

ak.ah.ko.pv.ne.tv v. to play in water or mud

a:ka:ke.TV v. to sit up (of two)

a:ka:ti.TV v. to scrape out a dish

a:ka:ye.TV v. ARCHAIC v. to make two sit up; to throw two out of, throw off such as a wagon;

ak.cak.cv.hë (of two or more) -- n. a drop, sharp descent in a road

ak.cak.hë adj. sticking in water or a low place (of one)

ak.cak.cv.hë.ce.tv (two or more)

ak.cak.hë.ce.tv v. to stick (one) in water or a low place

ak.cak.he.tv v. to strike (something in water or a low place, of lightning)

ak.ca.të adj. bloodshot

ak.ce.lv.las.kv n. water birch

ak.cëye.tv v. to enter water (of one)

ak.cvf.ci.ce.tv v. to drip (something) into a liquid or the eyes

ak.cv.ne.tv v. to pour (one liquid, such as bath oil) into a bath, lake, etc.

ak.cvn.ci.ce.tv (two or more) bucket of water, etc

ak.cvn.ke adj. added (of a liquid in a body of water)

ak.cv.oh.ko n. a water bird, possibly crane, least bittern, little blue heron, or snipe

ak.cv.we.tv v. to dip up (two or more, such as fish)

ak.ëh.ke.tv v. to hide oneself in water or a low place

ak.e.lë.ce.tv v. to kill in water, drown (one)

ak.e.le.tv v. to die in water (of one), drown

a.kër.rv n. witness

a:kër:kue.ce.TV v. to send information in this direction

a:ki.ce.TV v. to answer back, reply

a:ko.fe.TV v. to scoop out in the direction;

a:ko.lëp:pe.TV v. to flare up, like a fire

ak.lom.he.tv (of three or more) see AKWANV

akor.re.TV v. to dig in this direction

ak.pv.sv.te.tv (plural) see AKELËCETV;

ak.pv.svt.ke.tv (two or more)

ak:sa:TË:ce see HVSKATËCUCE

ak.to.pv n. bridge

ak.tv.pë.hv n. water lily

ak.tv.yah.cvl.ke n. Aktayache clan *this may refer to a water snake or a native tiger

ak.v.cak.hë adj. sticking out behind (of one)

a:kv.CE.tv v. to break off such as a piece of a branch; to reduce the price of, discount;

a:kv.cë:ye.TV v. to break two or more off

a:kvc.kë:WI.kv n. a sale

a:kvf.ke.TV v. to ooze out

ak.v.ho.pv.yë.ce.tv v. to go a distance in water

ak.v.ho.ye.tv v. to go in the woods, water, a ravine, etc. (of two)

a.kvn.cv.pv n. a place in this direction that is lower than another

ak.v.pe.ye.tv v. to go in the woods, water, a ravine, etc. (of three or more

ak.v.po.ye.tv v. to set (three or more) down in water or a low place

ak.v.re.tv v. to wade, go about in water or a low place

ak.v.tvr.kë adj. hanging in water or a low place

a:kv.wvp.ke.TV v. (three or more) see KVWVPKETV

a.kv.wv.pv.TV v. to start up, such as an organization; to raise such as an arbor;

ak.v.ye.tv v. to go in the woods, water, a ravine, etc. (of one)

ak.wah.nv, n. willow

ak.wa.nv see AKWAHNV

ak.wak.ho.ketv (of two)

ak.we.lv.ke.tv v. to wade, go about in water, or a low place; also (of two) see AKVRETV

ak.we.na.ho.ku.ce n. anything small that wiggles in the water

ak.wi.ke.tv v. to drop or throw (one)down into water or a low place

ak.wi.ye.tv v. to hold (something) over water

ak.wv.ke.ce.tv v. to lay (one) down in water or a low place

ak.wv.nv.kë adj. used in water or in low places

ak.wv.nv.kv n. raft

ak.yv.kv.pe.tv v. to wade, walk in water (of one)

a:lë:me.TV v. to pluck out hair from one?tm)s own head or back

a:le.te.ci.ce.TV v. to make one come running; to make one run a race, to make one run for public office

a:li.ce.TV v. to make one sit up; to donate, contribute; to donate money;

a:li.ke.TV v. to sit up (singular)

a.lo.sv.ka.tv see HALOSVKATV

al.ta n. altar (from the English)

a:lv.po.te.ci.TV v. to rear up, like a horse, to make rear up

a:lv.pot.ke.TV v. to rear up, to rear back, like a horse; to straighten up;

a:lvt.ke.TV v. to fall from, to fall off, to fall out of (singular)

a:ma:he.TV v. to grow up, to grow tall

a:mel.le.TV see MELLETV

a.pav.ya.kv n. 1. OKLA. chicken snake 2. FLOR. yellow rat snake

a.po.he.tv v. to eavesdrop

a.po.he.ce.tv v. to listen

a.rv n. wanderer, nomad

a.rvn.wv see HVRVNWV

as.së.ce.tv v. to chase (someone or something

a:se.ME.tv v. to hand to

as:ko:fe.TV v. to scoop out with

as.cëye.tv v. to come in with (something), bring in (of one)

as:ke.TV v. to cut out something with scissors

as.kv.wvp.ke.TV v. to rise up with something; to go up in something;

as:lv.pot.ke.TV v. to rear up, to rear back, as a horse with someone on it, to straighten up with something

as.lvt.ke.TV v. to fall off with something (singular)

a:se.SËT: carrying in addition;

a:se.SE.tv v. to take something out; n. instrument for removing something;

as.së.cv n. chaser, one in pursuit

as.se.tv v. to give chase

a.sun.wv n. FLOR. Spanish Moss

a.sv.se.cot.të adj. having condensation on the inside (of a window)

a.to see ATVME

at.tv.yë adj. sickly, unwell

a.tv n. downstream

a.tv.me, n. OKLA. car, automobile (from English automobile cf. FLOR nompële

a.tv.me.ho.mv n. automobile hood

a.tv.me ‘sen.fo.lot.kv n. automobile crank

a.tv.mo see ATVME

a.tv.mo.pë.le see ATVME

a.to.mo.pël see ATVME

a.tv.pa.lv n. this side of a body of water or a river

a.v.cvn.kv n. pitcher, container for a liquid

a.v.pok.te.tv v. to become assistant to, second in command to

a.v.pok.tv n. second in command, second chief, vice-president

a.v.tëh.ku.ce n. small bowl, such as a cereal bowl

a.v.tëh.kv n. serving bowl

a.wvn.hë n. spleen

a.yo n. hawk (generic term), also Red-tail hawk, (N.FL)

a.yo.pos.kë n. a reply, answer

a.yo.rak.ko n. ARCHAIC red-tailed hawk